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February 09, 2006



The queeniest guys are often tops, true. This has always fascinated me because of the way it contradicts the usual masculine=insertive paradigm.


I think the story is true but his naivete is a joke. He comes of as an oppoturnist and is taking his shot for fame.

Mike McNamara

It might seem to contradict the paradigm but more often than not is because of it - especially queeny tops with the alleged attitude Clay had. Boys who feel they have some sort of masculinity to prove do it by showing their "toughness" as "mean tops" - but as this story shows, they usually just come off as bitchy


Let me get this straight (no pun intended):

Scrawny Clay Aiken supposedly "flipped John on top of him and eventually forced him down onto him, and they had unsafe sex."

Does anyone else have a difficult time believing that the scrawny 150lb Aiken flipped and FORCED a man with Army Ranger training--top honors, no less--to do ANYTHING?

I don't buy it. Even if they did have sex, that ain't how it happened.

North Dallas Thirty

Thank you for voicing my skepticism as well, Jamie.

I mean, yes, it's truly possible that Clay Aiken raped (and that's the correct word for this, if it happened as described) John Paulus. But I have a really hard time believing that it's probable that it happened that way, or even that it happened at all.


Kinda hard to believe since Clay was in NYC on that
Proof postive there...
Unless he can be in two places at one time
Maybe you should ask his girlfriend...Yeah he has one of
those too.


Yasure, how long you been a Claymate?


I'm not a Claymate.
Get in touch with reality.
Clay took his girlfriend to the Kenneth Cole Fashion Show in NYC.
Pictures all over the web of them together.
Then they went to Wicked together... Pictures all over the web of them there too.
After his concert in NYC they got into an SUV together
and went with his band to an after hours Step up to the Mike show... media pictures of that.
Then they just recently went to an off broadway show.
Pictures of that too.
Some people believe anything?

Clay's not gay but somehow I think you guys are all
wishing that he was. LOL


Alllll those details, and you're "not" a Claymate? OoooooKay.

I personally couldn't care less if the red-headed toothpick is gay or not, and if he was in NYC on the day of the allegations, then this Paulus fellow must be lying. But if you think having a girlfriend precludes you getting off with another man, you need to get out more.


this story broke on january 26th. the kenneth cole fashion show was on february 3.

so much for that claymate theory.

also, fashion shows and broadway is not exactly how to pretend you're straight.

just sayin'.


Claymate, err, "Yasure":

I heard stories that are almost completely identical to this one a couple of years ago from two totally unrelated sources. We're talking firsthand. And tehre's no way two people who don't know each other would make up substantially similar stories about the same celebrity.

So I believe John Paulus. The real debate should be about whether he was right to come forward and whether it's right for us to give him publicity. But given the details about the persistent barebacking, I don't feel too bad for Aiken right now.


I'm not a Claymate.
I checked this stuff out myself.
Surprised Howard didn't.

It wasn't the last Kenneth Cole show.
It was the one during Fashion week.
in September 2005. They were Kenneth's guest. They showed him all over the TV sitting front row with his girlfriend at the show.

Guess everyone missed that too.
Check out wireimage they have pics there of him with her. One of him leaving holding her hand.

Like I said you guys wish he was
gay! LOL


Paulus's story has changed so much it is laughable.

His agenda is obvious, drive away Aiken's fanbase and humiliate him.

Now, I'll admit I'm a Fan..but not a Claymate(hate that term.) Definately not Christian Conservative. But he was so skinny at the end of the Christmas Tour he is lucky if he weighed 145 pounds. And he flipped and forced a Green Beret. Not in anyone's lifetime. And Paulus was hinting around that we would be disappointed in his size...well any Fan can tell you that he is very well equiped. Aiken has had erections on stage more than once. He should have been the Porno Star rather than limp dick Paulus. Either Paulus wasn't all that..or Aiken is a sex god...damn 90 minutes!

Now Clay may well be gay, but no way he got it on with Paulus.


John claims he owns two homes; one in NC and one in FL. Now we find out he lives in an apartment? He lies about his age. Is he 36 or 38? 90 minutes of anal penetration? If you believe this, I've got a great offer for you on one of John's homes.

Next question for John: How much of his anus does he have left?


I just had to post something after yasure's comments -- don't put out information that is so easily checked out. I think we all would agree that Google is a pretty good web search tool. Well enter Clay's name in the images section and you can find a zillion pictures of him alright (20+ pages) but not a single one has the pictures that yasure claims are all over the web.

As to your comments of being in more than one place at one time. Attended the Kenneth Cole fashion show? Yeah, I found a picture of that dated back in September (and please any fashionista worth there salt knows that the designer shows are in the spring and fall not december and january) I'd be interested to know which one of the women seated next to him is his "girlfriend" as there is no indication from the picture. There are pictures of him attending Wicked also -- back in the summer and alone. And please you really expect us to believe that someone who is a professed devout Christian that has been hounded by gay rumours his entire career would not be in every major tabloid and celeb mag with shots of his girlfriend?!!

I'm starting to be more convinced about the veracity of Mr. Paulus's claims. One significant sign of proof is that clearly the Claymates are on high alert. I have been on several gay-related boards where Clay has been discussed in the past and very rarely has there been people posting saying "no way that he's gay" until now. Now, whenever this particular incident comes up there always appears several people refuting the claims. One stated they had a friend that worked on the tour and that Clay and Kelly were an item. Now here's one with "Clay and his girlfriend's pictures are all over the web, where have you guys been?" Clearly, we've all been in another dimension because I've seen very few pictures that has Clay with a female that is not either young enough to be his daughter or old enough to be his mother and none have had the caption "Clay and his main squeeze out on the town."

And lastly, do I wish Clay were gay? H*** no! The last thing we need is another person reinforcing the belief that being gay is something one should be ashamed of and that hiding that fact is the only natural response to living one's life! End of rant.


I absolutely agree that Mr. Paulus's agenda is clear. I do think he wants to publicly humiliate Mr. Aiken. However, I think that may be more evidence of some truth to at a portion of his story. I know of very few people who go to the trouble of trying to go after someone for no reason and to get so far with their story. Papers like the Enquirer maybe trash but I would like to see any of us just calling them up and saying I've had sex with any celebrity and there stating solely based on our stating that "ok, we'll put that on page 1 tomorrow."


Ok, let me chime in on this.

I have no idea if he has a girlfriend or not. But he is always around women. The girl that went with him to the Fashion Show also went with him to see Wicked in NYC, and some off-broadway show. The Fashion Show was last Fall. The Off-Broadway Show was recently.

Never anything between Clay and Kelly but good friends.

He was spotted numerous times holding hands and flirting with one of the dancers on the Christmas Tour.

Girl name Amber attended multiple events with him for the first year, year and a half off Idol.

Mary, his Tour Manager, accompanied him to the Wicked Premire in LA. He was not alone, she just wasn't photographed. Mary also accompanied him to Indonesia, Uganda, and other places in Asia. as well as multiple Charity Events in the US. Mary was also with him on his vacation last year.

But I have no idea if any of these ladies is his girlfriend. He ain't saying.


Ya know malcontent, while I may not agree with Mr. Aiken's methods for sexual activity, I'm not so sure that in and of itself warrants a public outing. My sympathy used to be with him as I always assumed that this was the story of someone who had just not come to terms with their sexuality yet. Being an individual, coincidentally originally from the Raleigh, NC area who grew up and practiced as an evangelical Christian and didn't come to an acceptance of being gay until my late-30's I could relate. Something that folks who do not come from this background may not realize is that Clay's (I'm tired of the formality) denial of his sexual orientation is perfectly consistent with the evangelical mindset. One is taught from an early age that if you are struggling with an area of "sin" than to admit to it is to give it power over you. Denial is the only way to successfully combat it and have victory over it. Has there been a little projection on my part going on. Probably, because now I'm wondering if our little Mr. Aiken is craftier than I may have realized. Is it possible that maybe the denial has not been about a true struggle and has really been all about keeping that fan base loyal and those record sales up?

mary, please

What gay man doesn't usually have some woman nearby him when he travels or goes out? Unless I'm in a relationship or on a date, I'm usually out with at least one hag. Hello, some of us are high maintenance. And yes, I have been known to hold her hand and even kiss her. Doesn't change the fact that I like cock, maybe almost as much as Clay.


Justathought, I appreciate the clarifications and additional information. It is however not helping Clay's case among many of us here who are "family," (with respect to his being gay not the Paulus thing). I think many of us read your comments and think "always around women," check; "good friends with women," check; "holding hands and flirting with gal pals," check; oh yeah, big old 'mo.

el polacko

the only thing "LOL" about yasure's comments is the notion that having your picture taken with a GIRL (eewwwww !!) is proof positive of heterosexuality.
(as opposed to cum-encrusted washcloths which mean NOTHING .. haha) the part of the story that rings truest for me is that, after he fucked him, clay told him he would "pray for him" ... very typical of a conflicted, closeted christian boy.


Well we can all see Mr. Paulus in action soon I think he signed a deal with Michael Lucas. He is kind of good lucking in a hunky dime a dozen kind of way. As for the story. Eehh


that was supposed to be good looking not good lucky. I'm done


CMH, I never said he wasn't gay. He may very well be. I really don't care, to tell you the truth. I just wanted to clarify the female/girlfriend issue. All I just expect him to look and sing pretty and make me laugh. You don't have to be straight to do that.

But, you know, his Fans don't take well to unwarranted criticism. It doesn't matter what the issue is.

I have seen posted everywhere that is fanbase consists of 50 year old Christian Conservative Women. Bullshit. He has fans from every demographic. His fans generally, are better educated and have more money to burn. I am a 29 year old female-not exactly in the above mentioned demographics. I listen to music from both straight and gay singers. What they do in bed has nothing to do with how they sing.

It amazes me that he would even be criticized for his fanbase. Do we look at the demographics or other singers fanbases? And even if it were true, who cares.

Clay's sexuality, whatever it is, is no one's business but his own. I really don't care who he is screwing.

Addendum:He does have a few crazy fans, I'll admit. But doesn't everyone in Show Business have those? The majority of his Fan Base are normal people.


The girl with the long dark hair in the front row is his girlfriend.
The other is a country star isn't she? LOL
Claymates probably are in denial over this being his girlfriend.
But it is and has been for a while now. Same girl last week at the off broadway show..

Oh Claymates just to keep you happy yeah she just works for Clay.
Even on his time off...LOL

I know just cause he has a girlfriend doesn't mean he isn't still gay sometimes? LOL


But how is he in two places at the same time?

About hearing the story a while ago.
That's easy to check too. It goes back to 2004 when it actually started on a Drag Queen site..

then it went over to gay.com
nothing new there either.

You guys are all still wishing I bet? LOL

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