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February 20, 2006



I was fine with Griffin's post-Phyllis Diller, caustic routines. She's annoying, but that's part of the act.

What turned me completely away from her was the Bravo! shows on her life. You'd think she'd be the one mocking the Botox chicks, the trainers, the endless stylists and publicists of LA. Nope. Well, she does, but she needs them all desperately, too.

There's something scary about a comic who has made a lot of jokes about her own plainness of looks wincing under a Botox needle. There's something very, very stupid about a comic - known for, again, her cynicism - who rallies five publicists to her side, that they may all make emergency calls to stylists to find one who'll get Griffin in a dress before the Grammy's.

In other words: didn't like the woman. At all.


I think she is great. She is not really anti-hollywood establishment, she is trying to move up on the list, by showing how it is to be low on the list, a very novel concept. I think she is funny.

Queer Conservative

I thought her show got cancelled?


Her show wasn't canceled, but she said Bravo wasn't paying her enough to do another season.

Then E! fired her ass and suddenly Bravo's offer was enough and Season 2 was on!

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