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February 23, 2006


Queer Conservative

Ace, oh Ace. Daddy daddy daddy...


Is it just me, or does Ace, in the first picture, look remarkably like Constantine from last season? A little prettier, but still a resemblance.

el polacko

ace .. ohhhh, ace ! (he does look like a prettier constantine in that pic) ... but take your face out of paula's moistness (yikes)long enough to notice the hole that simon's x-ray vision burns through the poor boy every time ace appears before him. i'm not saying simon shares my dream of being the meat in an ace and chris sandwich, but sum-thin's goin' on there....


Elliott is an extra straight out of Witness. Put him in a little Amish get-up and I swear he coulda' played that kid's stunt double from the movie.


Again though... Mal.... Where's Chris??!!?!?


I included him in that clip. Didn't I?


Is Ace the one at the top with the Jaclyn Smith hairdo?


Mal, I'm a retard. You did.... God I hate being dumb.


Personally, I found the Teletubby's rendition of Barry Manilow's Copacabana, to be a special treat.


Oh god. Copacabana was unwatchable.


Yes, but did you get a look at Ace's brother in the audience. Ace is hot, but his bro is a volcano.

Zack in Austin

For the record, I really like Taylor. He and Kelly Pickler are two of a kind. Granted, he does remind me of Michael McDonald, the man has a certain flow about him. I'm glad he made it on.


do you have the video of "If I'm not made for you"?


Who did that one?


Someone better put the father figure video on this website ASAP!PLEASE!


Someone better put the father figure video on this website ASAP!PLEASE!

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