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February 16, 2006



G_d! Those "Drawn Together" guys are geniuses!


So, Xandir's a top, huh? Hot.


See, Clay Aiken can be a top!

Queer Conservative

Clay Aiken might "sit" on top.

Craig Ranapia

The BM shopping lists were hilarious. Unfortunately, the better half and I finally saw the film tonight and had this dialogue coming (dry-eyed) out of the theatre:

"Brief Encounter?"
"Way Brief Encounter."
"Still, I'd rather get fucked by Heath Ledger than Trevor Howard."

I'm probably going to get flamed for saying this, but does anyone really think this film - well done as it undeniably is - would have gotten 1% of the attention or box office without the gay angle? Hey, I think it says more about the world we live in than the actual quality of the film (and while I liked it, I wouldn't say it was any better or worse than widely-ignored Ang Lee films like 'Ride with the Devil' or 'The Ice Storm') but it's still worth asking...


Not by me, Craig. I pretty much stand by what I wrote a few weeks ago.

A good film + a terrible year for Hollywood + the gay angle = worth its weight in B.O. gold


Right, Craig?

Craig Ranapia

Well, it's been known to happen now and then. :)


Forgive me, but how does the Brokeback Mountain story run *without* the gay angle?


Well, I suppose a straight couple could have a summer fling, then retreat to their respective lives in distant locations, reuniting now and then to share their forbidden love.

Or something.

It sounds a bit like a Bronte novel.

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