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March 09, 2006



hmm. i actually loved Santino's collection, and although I agree that he has a lot of techical skill to pick up I think he was the only one who has a burning creative drive. Daniel's collection was pedestrian, especially those gross big-handled bags. But he is forgiven because he is so freaking adorable. I do love Chloe, and think she is very talented, but I felt like I was staring at a bridesmaid convention during her show. too many thick shiny fabrics. and what was that first pink monstrosity that she sent out? I honestly think the producers picked her because she will make a great workhouse for the Banana Republic team. She is technically proficient and has a great work ethic.

in the end, though, all three were wildly underwhelming, especially compared to the last season's finale. Jay and Kara Saun were head and shoulders more talented than all three of these guys combined.


santino was robbed!


I think Kara's "decoy" collection was definitely the best. Too bad she had to be booted before the finale in order to ensure Santino made it.


agreed---Kara's collection definitely was runway worthy.

i couldn't stand Chloe's collection, actually.


did everyone catch Tim Gunn's priceless reaction to Daniel's news that two of his handbags were missing?

"These things sometimes happen for a reason."

who is drier and funnier than Tim Gunn?


Am I a bad homosexual if I admit I've never seen a single episode of this show? =(


Yes, Robbie, your are a very very bad homosexual. We shall now give you a good spanking.

And after the spanking ...

I thought Santino should have won. I like his clothes best. Tim Gunn's blog said he liked Santino's too but was relieved he didn't win so the third season wouldn't be Project Freakshow following back to back Jay and Santino wins.


lol. i LOVE Tim Gunn! I saw him in a west village supermarket a month ago and almost lost my new york cool for a second. but i just gave him a knowing nod instead.

Moi ;)

Chloe's collection = Dress Barn. :P

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