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March 03, 2006


Queer Beacon

Robbie, you seem to dislike Colbert a bit, am I right? I am not crazy about him either. There, I said it. I know Malcontent loves him though...


Naw, I love him. I'm really not a fan of cable news. The commentaters are so bombastic and sure of themselves at all times on every issue. So, I adore Colbert's mockery through imitation.

His satire's a bit harsh, though, and some people are turned off by it. But, "He did not just say that," is part of why I tune in every night.


He's hilarious but have you noticed that he's kind of "losing it" and laughing a lot lately?


Colbert's satire is brilliant, though apparently misinterpreted by some viewers - one college professor reports that one of her conservative students enjoyed Colbert, thinking he was a right-winger!

Clearly, the point of Colbert's piece on brokeback is pointing out how many TV comentators are showing their homophobia by proclaiming their non-viewing of this movie.

For my two cents, Colbert skewers the absurdities of the right more effectively than anyone else on TV right now. Harsh? How about, overdue!

Blue Gal

I love Colbert, but he does need to rehearse a little more. It's just too funny to him. To do a good BOREilly, he needs to get the outrage down and not giggle so much.

Comedy is guts, and Colbert and his writers have it.

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