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March 11, 2006



Wow! Bitter is right.
Still, what a writer. I'd hate to see her become a critic;)

just me

I think it is sour grapes.

And while I didn't see any of the nominated films for best picture, based on comments from people who had, Crash was a good movie-and I think calling it "trash" was out of line.

I think she would have a beef if Munich had won-I don't know anyone who saw that movie and liked it (most people I know said it was long and boring-hardly two things that make me think best picture).


I don't fault Annie for her raw bitterness. In fact, I applaud her for being honest and real. I agree that the "trash" comment was a bit much. Also, I think the scientology conspiracy theory is a stretch. I buy about 10 other arguments first - homophobic academy/society, last-minute marketing of crash, urban vs. rural popularity, etc.

Anyway, I'm still sad about the loss, but know in my heart that Brokeback will stand the test of time and Crash will not.

Craig Ranapia

Well, I agree with Proulx that 'Crash' was a decent but mediocre film way over-rated for reasons that didn't have that much to do with cinematic merit. But I'd say exactly the same thing about 'Brokeback Mountain'.

Look, if you want to get into a conspiracy theory here's mine. There's a saying in Catholic circles that the man who walks into a papal enclave a Pope tends to walk out a cardinal. Well, sometimes the most hyped films going into the Oscars end up being victims of their own PR.

Sorry, Annie, play it as it lays.


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Here's a different take on it:



"Is there anything more pathetic than a homo whining about the outcome of the Academy Awards, fer chrissakes? Holy stereotypes, Batman, he's crying because his favorite picture didn't get all the Oscars!

"Nope, don't want to go there, especially seeing as how this might be the first year in the last 20 that I paid the slightest bit of attention to the Academy Awards. When I lived in Washington, D.C. in the mid-'80s I had a roommate who treated it like some sort of gay Super Bowl. I retaliated by watching the real Super Bowl, even though I didn't care about that, either."


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I'd say she's earnned her bitterness . . . so close . . . so close. And so deliciously shared. Now she can moved on.


Well, why not? All of the Oscars is dumbass glitz, anyway - it's not like she went after the Nobel.


Hi all I'm new!

I didn't have my hearts set on Brokeback for Best Picture, I knew the Academy would play it safe and choose Crash instead. I was more concerned about Best Score.

I've been a fan of film music since I was 7 years old, and have been collecting it for ten years now. Most of the time I have agreed with the Academy's decision for this particular award, but there have been exceptions, when they robbed Anastasia of it in 1997 in favor of Anne Dudley of all people, and the travesty last year when Finding Neverland, what I termed "the runt of the litter" won instead of The Village by James Newton Howard, or even John Debney's Passion.

But anyway, back to the present LOL. I found the Oscars very "Eh" this year at best. Nothing too special in general, but I was overjoyed to finally see Ang Lee get the credit he has long been denied. Hearing Brokeback played by full orchestra was rather strange, I didn't recognize what passage of the music they were playing at first. It sounded too happy to be Brokeback.

Anyway, Brokeback had a profound emotional effect on me. I haven't been so affected by a film since The Pianist, which was also robbed of Best Picture. I think as long as a film touches me in this way, I don't need the label "Best Picture" stamped on it to prove it's worth more to me.


Craig Ranapia


What the fuck did the bitter bag earn? She was down here for a literary festival a few years back - in the full flush of the success of 'The Shipping News' - and I had a hilarious evening with her 'minder' a few months later. She was viciously funny about La Proulx spending the best part of four days bitching and whining (and being especially noxious to the staff at her hotel - which is the mark of the bitch-beast in my book) from the moment she cleared customs until she got back to the airport. At least Ennis Del Marr would shut the fuck up and seethe in silence.

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