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March 16, 2006


Daniel Gonzales

I love you for linking to Steamworks.


What I want to know is where were the goods words to the Bush Administration for revoking the ban?


"Little" Peter Labarebacker seems to have more than a passing knowledge of what goes down in sex clubs.

I did not see anything indicating that this ban would be reinstated in this case. Has it been?

Of course, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other "enlightened" regimes whose positions on homosexuality truly are monstrous merit constant attention or rebuke from the gay community. They seldom receive any and in the case of at least Cuba, the gay community seems almost supportive. Castro is a known anti-homosexual biggot.

Still, Petey "Power Bottom" Labarebacker does merit the ridicule you are heaping on him Robbie. Keep up the good work. Let us know if you see him at Steamworks.


I wouldn't be so quick to be this gleeful over the open contempt you cited, Robbie. It cuts both ways. The CS-T could just as easily use those quotation marks against a group whose cause you like.

Don't get me wrong, I like the quotation marks too, just not in a hard news story. Editorial? Opinion piece? Letters to the Editor? Fire away with the quotation marks and any other editorializing, but that kind of behavior in a hard news piece can bite you back.


blewsdawg, Lighten up -- The Sun-Times is a tabloid. The tabloidization of the CS-T sounds well deserved:)



CS-T is definitely not a tabloid. And it does a lot less of this type of subliminal editorializing than a lot of other news outlets. I like that paper. I read their website frequently (although I'm not from Chicago). Their commentary section is one of the most balanced I've seen, ditto the news section.

All I'm saying is this is the kind of stunt the NY Slimes pulls all the time. Robbie is no leftist, and I'm sure he wrinkles his nose everytime the Slimes shows it's contempt for tax cuts or the War in Iraq. You can't cherry pick which targets you like for this type of thing and which you don't.




Oh, I'm more than aware newspapers shouldn't be biased, and you're right that the Sun-Times is possibly one of the most moderate, objective papers out there.

But, I do believe there are special exceptions when it's something extreme. Not when it comes to political views, but when some people are so repugnant, I'm willing to let it slide. LaBarbera is only a notch away from Fred Phelps, he's not from Chicago, and he will say any graphically offensive thing he can think of to worm his way into the news. He's making the entire city look bad as the Gay Games approach, and I have a feeling just about everyone, including the newspapers, are sick and tired of him.

I really can't blame them.

I bet if these were well-known Illinois activists doing this, the newspapers would moderate themselves. There's something especially offensive about this guy, his background, his focus on graphic male to male sex, his willingness to go out there and try and make everyone think gay males get together in secret scat orgies in abandoned warehouses. Chicago in general has been patient in dealing with him, but I think he's just about over-stepped his bounds.

If the Sun-Times is doing something like this, given their sterling reputation, that's really saying something.


Independent of editorializing, a good case can be made that the quotes are grammatically correct in this instance. The term "pro-family" does not have the wide recognition that terms like "pro-life" and "pro-choice" have. Everyone knows what those terms mean, but "pro-family" is not a synonym for "anti-gay" the way "pro-life" is a synonym for "anti-abortion." Since "pro-family" is the term that the group uses for itself, the paper is actually quoting the group's self-description, making the quotes accurate. Scare quotes are universally odious, and putting quotation marks around "gay" when you're using it to mean "homosexual" is not defensible since everyone knows what the word means. Putting quotes around "pro-family" is not using scare quotes; it's correct punctuation.

Which is not to say that the newspaper didn't enjoy doing it.


Seems to me that LaBarbera's p.o.'d that he can't see what they're doing inside them little rooms. What's the matter, Pete? Mad because no one invited you to the party? What a pathetic loser.


Unfortunately, Anapestic, I'm not entirely sure the two aren't synonymous.

First, there is a vast number of straight people who literally do not know any gay people at all (maybe the weird uncle, but that's it). These same people are treated to an image of gays as the freak show known as the Gay Pride Parade. That image on television once once or twice a year is all they need to know, as far as they are concerned, and that makes gay life appear antithetical to family life.

Second, witness the reaction on this very site to an American Idol contestant using the phrase "Family Values". Based on what I read in the comments, he didn't say anything overtly anti-gay, but the general conensus among commenters was that this is a loaded phrase, which he somehow should have been aware of.

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