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March 31, 2006



I couldn't agree more. I didn't see last night, but the quality of the writing on this show has gotten progressively worse season after season. Karen lost her edge and became human somewhere along the way, and is strangely less convincing with real emotions. Jack is so beyond pathetic farce that I actually cringe when I se him now. And of course Will and Grace are as lame and pathetic as they have always been.

good riddance I say. They overstayed their welcome ages ago.

Yum Yum

While it's no secret that gays are predominantly liberal and Democrats, I don't think the show is the place for anti-Bush political statements. Everywhere in America, professionals in the corporate world separate politics from business, except in Hollywood, where the line between show business and left-wing politics is increasingly blurry.

They should be mindful that a large segment of Will and Grace viewers are Republican women, not that it will matter after the show ends next month.


I disagree with you. I thought she was funny. I laugh and laugh and laugh. She was remarkably good. Maybe you, like all the other people are prejudice against her because of your dislike of Kevin. This is something I don't understand. The man is not an actor or a singer but he certainly makes pretty babies. Besides I read somewhere that he's kind of horsey like where it counts and kind of volcanic in bed. I certainly would not kick him out of mine. Comm'on you and all of us had them worse at one time or another. Is either you are a nun or a liar.


Oscar, I believe I speak for everyone who reads this site when I say, "..... What!?!?!"


Yeah, that was definitely a non sequitur, but now that you mention it, even though he's a white-trash moron, I'd still probably pop his zão.


Who cares what the Republican women, who watches Will and Grace, thinks? !
I don't and neither does the show. Ironic, because isnt that what the episode was about? "Dont Compromise".

el polacko

LOL !!! "pop his zao" hahahahaha....
they say he's smelly though, so i'd have to bathe him first.. otherwise, i'm with you : he's white-trash sexy.
pass the boy butter, please.

Yum Yum

I was just looking at it from the point of view from the makers of Will and Grace. They shouldn't expect to increase viewership by alienating their audience. It' all about the $$$$$.


You're right, Jegery. The show definitely doesn't care about its audience.

I think they've been making that quite clear for some time, which is why a lot of people have tuned out over the years.

I honestly can't remember the last time I've bothered watching it. I loved the first two or so seasons. I think the artificial insemination storyline is where it jumped the shark hard.


I think Oscar is really Ridor in disguise.


"jumped the shark hard"? I want to try that!


Seasons 1 through 3 were fun and great. The show took a total nose dive from the very opening of season 4, and it's been a Wagnerian swan song ever since. Then again, have you seen what KoMut has come up with since W&G? Twins and Four Kings. If you thought W&G was bad, one watch of Twins or Four Kings will make you BEG for Jack's parody of faggotry.


I hate this show, and I detest Britney Spheres; good riddance to bad rubbish says I.

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