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March 30, 2006



Sounds to me like he just answered questions. You make more of this than what the text, even as reported, allows.

Also, how could you not make a MalcoVision clip of SouthPark last night? Hybrid-driving San Francisco liberals literally smelling their own farts and creating, with George Clooney, a Perfect Storm of Smug that devastated the West!


Essem: The thought did cross my mind, although I try to concentrate most of our videos on gay-themed stuff. Maybe Robbie has plans?


As a New Yorker, I guess I'm still married, according to the New York Times:

In its decision, the court denied the claims of all but the couples from New York and Rhode Island, because laws in those states have not specifically outlawed said gay marriage.
Patrick Rothwell

Deceptive headline from 365gay. Scalia did not say that gays had no rights in the Bill of Rights; he said that there was no constitutional right to homosexual sodomy. The First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, etc. all still apply to gays.

And, it would not surprise me one bit that the current Polish President's party might have planted fake bombs and blamed it on radical gays. His party is to the mainstream Polish right what the Constitution Party or Judge Roy Moore is to your garden-variety conservative Republican.


I hate that term for anal sex. Sodomy refers to the biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah thus making sodomy a biblical reference. Separation of church and state anyone?

Furthermore, straight people like it up the butt too.


Not to mention that sodomy, in the biblical sense, refers to any sexual act that is not specifically sanctioned by religious authorities. In other words, if it ain't Missionary between two married people, you're a sodomite.

el polacko

str8 people like it up the butt ?! COOL !! my dating pool has just increased exponentially !

el polacko

.. hey ! that means i STILL have a chance with ryan, doesn't it ?! sorry, teri .. your new man has needs that you just can't ..uhh.. fill.


Dude needs to lose the skinny ties, though. You're not going to bring them back single-handedly, Ryan!


I think you misunderstand me, el polacko, sodomy does not necessarily mean anal sex. It means anything not specifically sanctioned by the Church, which is most everything, including oral sex.

We are all sodomites.


I am glad there is no constitutional right not to commit sodomy

el polacko

oh i know that "sodomy" is anything other than penile/vaginal sex (in marriage, of course), aatom. i was just goofing on likeOMGfab's assertion that "str8 people like it up the butt too" which i now feel compelled to admit that i already knew from experience... pass the boy butter, please.

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