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March 30, 2006



Two things: First, I LOVE these historical posts. They are always so interesting. Second, what's a "molly house"?


1867 - Alaska was purchased from Russia for two-cents an acre.

Damn we're bastards.


Oh, Patrick.


I am a major fan of blues music(check the username). Clapton now alternates between one album of schmaltzy adult-contemporary, then one album of blues covers and originals. Two years ago, he cut an album of Robert Johnson covers. This is one of the most played albums on my MP3 player. Another all blues album he cut in 1989, I believe, named 'From the Cradle' is right up there with it. I am still in awe of him and his (blues and rock) music, and he is the same age as my parents. Thanks for including Clapton in your list of today's B-days, Mal.

just me

Molly House=basically a whorehouse where men could have sex with other men.

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It`s sounds strange for me to announce celebration.

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