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March 10, 2006



I wonder which group has a higher percentage of voters?


The city proper is about 37% black, 10% gay, and 2-3% Jewish according to 2000 census figures.

What's important, though, is that most counties outside the Chicago area are Republican. Democratic turnout in the city and surrounding area is absolutely key to Democratic victories in state-wide races. If the governor gets into a huge mess with the black community this close to an election, he'd be in trouble.


Another profile in political cowardice, not unlike Schwarzenegger vetoing the gay-marriage bill.

North Dallas Thirty

Um, not quite the same, Mal.

Schwarzenegger was given a bill to sign that:

a) directly amended and contradicted a voter-approved proposition, which is a violation of the California Constitution

b) was under current litigation

Sure, we all wish he'd signed the bill. But at the same time, let's at least be smart enough to acknowledge that there were good reasons other than the attitudes of homophobes for not doing it. Moreover, let's realize how foolish it makes us look when we hyperventilate over how awful and evil Arnie was for not signing it when, bare months earlier, we were cheering as "pro-gay" and "gay-supportive" John Kerry's attempts to not only ban gay marriage, but invalidate it where it already exists via state constitutional amendment and tossing millions of dollars at him to promote said view.

Blagojevich, on the other hand, has no such limitations. Moreover, unlike Arnie, the gay community actually pushes him as "pro-gay" and "gay-supportive".

Arnie is an example of someone who knows gays aren't going to vote for him and will criticize him because he's a Republican, but tries to do the best he can by them. Blagojevich, though, is an example of someone who knows gays will vote for him and not criticize him regardless of what he does because he's a Democrat, and he treats them with the contempt they deserve for it.


not being gay or black, but rather white, high income and female, i will not be voting for Rod Blagojevich. he has lost the respect of many like me, as well, for failing to stand up for what's right no matter the cost. creating a dilineation between Farrakhan and Muhammad is a red herring. she absolutely is accountable for the remarks of Farrakhan; she has a duty to at least speak out against them, but she won't.

it is wrong to turn this into a "black issue", as the black community now seems to be doing---it is a hate issue and a human decency issue. it doesn't matter what color or orientation i am: i can see that more than clearly, and believe me, i'm going to vote accordingly.

Jesse Jackson Jr. recently stood next to Claypool in a news conference, but would not out-and-out endorse him over John Stroger, because, i assume, he is reticent to offend black voters (Stroger is black and Claypool is white). it makes no sense to me. you either like Claypool or you don't, you can either say it or not. don't just stand there with your mouth closed. that's as far as a "reputable" black leader will go to follow his conscience in our town, i'm afraid.

this whole thing makes me irate.

the sooner Blagojevich is gone, the better.


You may have a point here, Robbie, but I have a little problem equating those who simply adhere to a religion with those who actually run it, Fred Phelps notwithstanding. And I do believe the Nation of Islam is treated by its followers like a religion.


Like I said, Jamie, imagine the governor appointing someone from the Westboro Church to the panel.

It's roughly the same thing.

I'm not saying ban Islam from the panel. Just this particular sect. They cheerfully engage in homophobia and anti-semitism as a matter of course, and they don't apologize for it.

The commission, Claudette Muhammad, is an aide to Farrakhan, if I'm remembering correctly. So, she does have some hand in running things.

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