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March 08, 2006



blagojevich is the biggest douche ever. a hobbit. a crook.

he won't be re-elected, topinka will win. she'll get rid of the whole lot of them.


I'm still trying to puzzle how Blagojevich has screwed up so badly. After years of Republican corruption, he's managed to put himself in the same category after a single term.

That's talent.

*sighs* He's done some good things like child health care and the broad discrimination law, but he just seems to incompetent and self-interested, with cronyism just as awful as the Ryan administration.



i was suspicious of him as soon as i saw that, within a couple of months of taking office, he tried to push through that Ameritech rate increase without due process. i had high hopes for him too, as i'm usually independent with a lean toward being democrat, but he's as corrupt as Ryan. yes, All Kids is a step in the right direction, but his pay-to-play crap and kick backs are truly disappointing.

what a let down. i have to vote for Topinka now, because Gidwitz scares me and Oberweiss is the anti-christ.

sweet home Chicago.


Yep. I'm an independent who leans to the right, but I really thought Blagojevich would be a much needed breath of fresh air in the governor's mansion. Now he needs gone. If Topinka wins the primary, she's my girl in November.

If it's Blagojevich vs Oberweis . . . who's the Libertarian candidate?

I'd forgotten about the Ameritech thing. Grrrr.


why won't he get rid of Muhammad? what's he so afraid of? does he think that black people will get mad at him and he'll lose votes this year? but what kind of message is that sending? what, all black people hate gays and jews like Farrakhan? how retarded.

black people are just as enlightened as the rest of us, and they condemn those ignorant remarks just as the rest of us do. those that don't are ignorant, no matter the color, PERIOD.

see, that's the whole problem with Blago. he panders according to votes and money, and doesn't act on his conscience.

then again hey, this IS chicago we're talking about. it's nothing new.


not that i'm cynical or anything, ahem.


LOL, no ma'am, not at all =)

I'm totally with you, though. Did you see his reaction today? Completely ridiculous.


i did! that's what brought me back to the blog, actually.

correct me if i'm wrong, but give me ONE MAN who can admit to being a human and making mistakes but who ACTS according to his convictions---as long as they're principled, no matter how flawed---and i'll vote for him all day long and twice on sundays. WHERE IS THIS POLITICIAN.

and don't tell me it's oberweiss! he scares me.

literally, there are pee stains in my underwear right now.


Yeah, but admit it. If he started handing out free ice cream to voters, we'd be a mini-reich in the middle of the Corn Belt quicker than you could say fraud.


i do love ice cream.

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