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March 31, 2006



Priceless. I'm sure Maria is putting 'a little pee' in her coffee today.


Barbara's comment seemed pretty innocuous to me. Much ado about nada.


Can someone get the INS over to Barbara's house ASAP?


HA! Insert Jimmy Choo in mouth here.


Wow. I don't even think Star Jones farting while interviewing Hillary Clinton would've created such an uncomfortable silence.


That did seem kind of in the vein of "Some of my best friends speak Spanish."

el polacko

almost as funny as erica jong on bill maher tonight bemoaning the difficulty of trying to find a WHITE
nanny to raise her children since they don't value child-rearing as much as the brownies do. "it's a cultural thing" don't ya know...

Mike True

Brilliant, thank you, I will bookmark you later.

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