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March 30, 2006


Jack Malebranche

Nothing but love for the upper right hand corner.

The one on in the middle in the upper left hand corner...his body looks like it hurts. I know it probably doesn't. But the camera adds weight, which means he needs a cracker or something. Looks like he's been hitting the weight stack at Auschwitz.


Great.... Chubby for the rest of the day. Thanks Mal!


Great.... Chubby for the rest of the day. Thanks Mal!


Call me madcap, but I think their prices are ridiculous.

Queer Conservative

Chad got a double chub


A double chub??

Queer Conservative

You're "chubby" comment posted twice...


Ah yes... Welcome to my world of oblivion.


I'm with you, Jack, that guy looks like he's been pulled and stretched to the snapping point. I don't go for the A&F look, really, I prefer a more approachable human look. the body types are right, and I like some of the muscle tone, but it's just a bit too much. I love the American Apparel ads for precisely that reason, they are much more erotic because the boys and girls in them look grungy and real, and they just sit there in awkward poses in their underwear. Hot!

These guys look like they were created in some sort of underground Aryan bunker. Um...except for the black guy of course.


uh . . . what's for sale?


Another set of great A&F pictures. makes me feel a little bit old.

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