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March 17, 2006



The clip's kinda glitchy at the end, so it's not clear what was said with the napkin aside from the chalkboard quote.

Still. Eh. I'm just happy the new boyfriend got out of there. The exes seem insufferable in their own special ways.


Thanks for sharing Mal. It's always nice to know what the up-and-coming GLBT's are doing in the way of film. Though, in my low-brow way of observing things, why does it seem more times that not, that there's always a character named Wade within our productions? And there's always a scene where some homo has run into a public restroom only to weep over the running water of a sink.


I agree that LOGO is important...It's unfortunate that the vast majority of television viewers especially in less urban settings don't have access to it, as many cable networks and one of the two big satellite companies still don't carry it. If GLAAD wanted to pick a worthwhile fight (instead of whining about the latest episode of Will and Grace), it would work to convince these companies to make the channel available to a much larger audience.


I'm sure the vast swath of Americans who don't have access to a gay and lesbian film festival like those of us in the big cities, for example, might have a differing view.

Good point.

hunk du jour

We signed up for LOGO last month, asked for it specifically and are shelling out the extra $4.00 to upgrade to the package that includes it.

I've caught some interesting films from the series you mentioned, as well as am enjoying their travel show and a chance to see Beautiful Thing every once in a while. :)

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