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March 30, 2006



After fifteen minutes, I've decided I really can't think of a response to this =)


This subject completely grossed me out. Sorry.

Shame stains? Yuck.


what, no Malco-Vision for this one?

Queer Conservative




Rob Byrnes

Gotta join the MalcoVision chorus here.


and, to be fair, we'll need a submission from robbie as well, I'm afraid.


Well, there will of course be no Malcovision here, but it does remind me of the time my ex and I were going to show some friends a videotape that we had shot of his birthday party, on which people were dancing and being drunk and telling him their birthday wishes.

So naturally, when I hit play, up on the screen came our home-made porno tape instead. I think I leapt across the room and hit "stop" in about 3 milliseconds.

Marilyn: Humblest apologies, but my readership is about 90 percent gay men.


Um, ew.


Mal, I can safely say that I will never again look at you (and/or the hubby) in the same light again. :)

Congrats on what will most likely remain THE most random Malcontent post for years to come.


Nah, I turned down the free trial. I'm too fond of toast to discount the possibility of a terrifying accident.


I'm still a fan of "Stroke29".


Actually, my partner and I have been using Boy Butter for about a year now. Natural stuff, no nasty ingredients in it. Gotta say we love it. Easy clean up and so slick, I could slide sandpaper across a duck's ass with it.



So what's the best lube in the market? I've been using WET and it's fine. Anything better?


I'm remembering the Isa-cock Shock and relieved there is no Malco-vision for this one ;-)

And Toby - oh dont be such a princess, didnt u mount a huge dildo and write a review for some porn site? 'tut tut tut...very tutty today sweetie...' hehe


I'm going to have to join the chorus of Malcovision as well.


It's not Malcovision, but it may be the next best thing. The Great Cock Hunt happened to have a post involving the use of Boy butter; he seemed to like it. Not even remotely safe for work, by the way:



Had a tub of that once. It was OK for spanking with but there was a warning label - not suitable for use with condoms. Preferring not to live with a life sentence of dealing with the side-effects of toxic chemical drug cocktails I tossed it out. Does a tub still carry that warning?


Not safe with latex condoms and he's marketing this to the GAY community? Don't we have enough problems without this joker?

Or is this tina lube?

Jay Read

Have you tested JackOff Butter? I like it even better.
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Dear God, it was painful listening to that song. RW is so fucking overated. 3 notes and a whiny voice do not make a genius.

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