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March 31, 2006


Craig Ranapia

Anapestic wrote:
I think her response is intended to cover all the bases. They're saying that the cop either didn't recognize her, in which case he's incompetent, or he did recognize her, in which case he's out to get her. [...] Also, I'd be careful about saying that people shouldn't be expected to recognize the Congresswoman after she has a change in hairstyle. It sounds a lot like "they all look alike to me."

I reply:

Ah, so it's a sign of "incompetence" not to recognise on sight all 535 Congressmen and Senators. Does that also apply to the thousands of staffers, or do they actually issues staff IDs and pins to Members for a fucking reason?

Also, after my last round of chemo - where I lost a lot of weight and most of my hair - the security guards at my work (with a staff of over 600) didn't recognise me, and I didn't expect them to. Then again, we were actually expected wear our employee IDs and/or produce them on demand without an attack of paranoia.

North Dallas Thirty

Don't forget -- it's racist for a black person to have to produce ID.

Of course, this doesn't apply in the case of alcohol, tobacco, or lottery sales, nor is it used when filling out I-9s for jobs or driving.

Only for receiving welfare and voting.


Okay, look, it is late in this game, but Cynthia has always faced strong opposition within her district from OTHER AFRINAN AMERICAN politicians who see her as a divisive clown who is ineffective, regardless of what party is in charge of the White House (or less germane, the House).

Denise Majette could still be in that seat, but for the insane, threatening attacks of Billy McKinney (the nut case father of Cynthia.) She does not deserve to be in Congress and is an embarrassment to the state of Georgia. She gets nothing done and is there just to inflame the anger the majority of Americans.

I hope her opponent, Hank Johnson (District Five Commissioner) returns some dignity and respect to that seat.

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