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March 03, 2006



Why would they appoint a nation of islam official to an anti-discrimination panel in the first place? The nation of islam isn't exactly noted for being tolerant. It would be as ridiculous as...hmmmm....the UN having Sudan, Syria, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and China on the UN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION. Now THAT would be unbelievable!!!

North Dallas Thirty

I think the other members are forgetting the hierarchy here.

Blacks are the most reliable Democratic voting constituency; therefore, they are always right where Democrats are concerned.

Jews are on paid Democratic spokesperson Cindy Sheehan's bad list and as such can be ignored.

Gays will do whatever Democrats tell them, so why waste money or time on their concerns?


You've got to hand it to Robbie: he brings humor to stories that could otherwise be annoying or depressing.
Thanks, Robbie. There's not much I can actually do about these silly people so I may as well giggle at them.


Where is the National Gay Outrage over this reprehensible action? Log Cabin, Stonewall, Alice B. Toklas, not to mention Human Rights Campaign, LAMBDA, NGLTF, GLAAD, and all the rest?

Schwarzenegger got gored for doing what many of us believe he was cornered to do; only a referendum can revoke a prior referendum. Too bad Sacramento's politicians don't understand this fundamental aspect of policy. Certainly, the national gay groups don't understand basic political processes. Their ignorance became not only a source of embarassment, but unnecessarily contentious.

But HERE, there is no labyrinthine political process. This is a gubernatorial appointment, by a Democrat no less, that should NEVER have been made, and once badly made, must be withdrawn, reversed, and withheld at once. This appointment is an affront to a liberal democracy and an insult of its citizenry. Pluralism is a virtue, which we extol. But this very appointment speaks against that virtue, by promoting intolerance because of tolerance.

Yes, tolerance is a virtue, flagged by Aristotle 2500 years ago, reaffirmed by Locke 400 years ago, and an article of conviction affirmed again by our Founders. Without it there is no liberal democracy. But tolerance has ONE exception: Intolerance, simply because intolerance negates tolerance. It's not just its contrariety, it's its negation.

A liberal democracy cannot and must not be perceived to tolerate the intolerable. And this appointment is just that. Where is the National Gay Outrage?


Blackness and Islam trump Gay cards in the Uno game of hate.

I've said it for a long while now. When it comes down to identity politics on the Left, Islam always wins.

Queer Conservative

The "National Gay Outrage" is busy. It's currently channeling through NARAL, World Can't Wait, and CAIR.

North Dallas Thirty

Well, Stephen/DSH, for once, you're right.

However, you expect these national groups to criticize a Democrat? Even gays like you say that Democrats supporting laws and amendments that strip gays of rights are "doing no harm". I fail to see how, if that doesn't flag their outrage meter, this will.


Actually, the Nation of Islam is not Muslim, despite their claims otherwise. They hold beliefs that are fundamentally contradictory to Islam (reincarnation of Allah? reincarnation of Muhammad? pro-black racism?). This is simply an anti-Semitic, racist, bigoted organization parading around as a religion. It is at the same level as the KKK.

Queer Conservative

Mulishoon is right about Nation of Islam. They're a lot of things, but Muslim isn't one of them.

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