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March 08, 2006


North Dallas Thirty

Question: is the sarcasm in response to the topic, or to the reaction to the topic?

Personally, I could care less what Ms. Remmele's husband raises, but I don't find it particularly offensive or unfriendly that it was included.

And, for the fiftieth time, the individuals shown in Brokeback were not cowboys. They herded sheep, not cattle. :)


I think I'll leave my meaning intentionally opaque. It can be a subject for future homologists to discuss. :-)

[T]he individuals shown in Brokeback were not cowboys. They herded sheep, not cattle. :)

Allow me to quote from the story by Annie Proulx:

Ennis said he'd been putting the blocks to a woman who worked part-time at the Wolf Ears bar in Signal where he was working now for Stoutamire's cow and calf outfit ...

And as you'll probably recall, Jack was at least an aspiring "cow"boy:

"You won't catch me again," said Jack. "Listen. I'm thinkin, tell you what, if you and me had a little ranch together, little cow and calf operation, your horses, it'd be some sweet life. ..."
North Dallas Thirty

LOL....but, counterpoint, it doesn't say he was herding cattle, just working for the outfit. Obviously, Ennis was mucking out stalls and driving the feed wagon. :)

As for future homologists, that's a scary thought.....can you imagine what people will be thinking about us when they dig up our blogs in about 50,000 years or so?


I read that article yesterday, and thought it was odd that they mentioned farming and soybeans. but even stranger that they failed to say if those numbers (pretty HUGE numbers) repersented "to date", or "per year" or wharever. Also, the difference between 1.7 million and 3.4 million is a pertty big gap.


Why, yes, my cowboy IS gay.

You're all jealous, aren't you, beeeetches? =)

Did I mention he used to model, too?


I just want to know why the hell that article was in the Health & Fitness section.


Do ferrets really hump that much?


Diane -

Because you have to be healthy and fit to herd sheep/cattle/work for the outfit?


Josh: How about "weasel-like mammals"?


"Married to a farmer who doesn't raise eyebrows or men's pulses..."

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