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March 30, 2006



Mal's a LOST fan?!?! If I had only known.... :) Kick-ass episode. I've been talking about it since I woke up this morning.


Nothing but crickets in here. Am I seriously the only LOST fan that reads this site? What the hell is the matter with you people?


Chad, I think people are so used to fagginess and reality TV here that "Lost" was a real curveball. But I need to be allowed my idiosyncrasies.

I did previously post about it here, however.


I checked out the site you linked to previously and just came across another message board (which I of course signed up for 'cause I'm a raging loser when it comes to this show now).

Lots of theories, lots of speculation. Good times.


A map of the hatches?


Yep. The big one at the bottom... you can see a swan. The one at 10o'clock looks like it may have that medical symbol in it - maybe where Claire was taken to.


And the ones with the dotted lines are under construction?


ok, I love Lost, although I have been unable to follow the 2nd season so far. But here's my theory about how this show is written, vis-a-vis all the obsessive speculation and conjecture that appears on fansites.

I don't think the writers of the show know what's going to happen in advance. I think part of the fun of the show is the sense that we are all figuring this sprawling mystery out together, and that even the creators don't know the answers to everything yet. I think they leave themselves a lot of wiggle room to switch things up at the last minute to respond to fan expectations and keep everything feeling fresh and eery.

Just a thought.


If I can figure out a way to capture actual HD images, then I could post better versions like this one. (You're right about the medical hatch, Chad.)


Thanks for posting that pic.. im having a love hate relationship with lost... some episodes are lack luster and some have their shining moments where 10 seconds of something make the entire episode.

Seeing this image on the blast door was one of those moments... my jaw just dropped when i saw all that info and the best line was from kate asking is she should take out the ruler for Jack and Sawyer.


I agree with Aatom, although I think the writers have a general idea where they're going with it.

Anybody think that Henry Gale being the name of Dorothy's uncle in the Wizard of Oz has anything to do with anything?


. . . i'm lost


RE: ....i'm lost

LOL! Chad...that was hilarious!
here is a great site for fans if you don't know about it: http://www.lostpedia.com/wiki/Blast_Door

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I agree with Aatom, although I think the writers have a general idea where they're going with it.

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