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March 06, 2006



Please post a clip of Dolly's performance! She was robbed.


I found a clip of Dolly's performance:



Why am I not linked? I thought we were lovers and I am not even linked? Bullshizzle


yes, pls pose a clip of Dolly's performance. thanks!


Hi, id just like to say this site is great and thanks for the downloads. Would you happen to have saved the Brokeback mountain orchestra version of the theme from the oscars? If so it would be greatly appreciated if I could download it.
Thanks, Karly


I'm so disappointed with all the gay jokes that were made after this film came out, and especially by all the jokes made at the Academy Awards that night. Do you think they did blackface and made nigger jokes in 1967 when "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" was nominated (and won)? Of course not, but then people actually respect and fear African Americans. We gays are just a big joke to everyone...and the fact that we've become a lucrative joke doesn't change that fact.

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