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March 28, 2006



Thanks Robbie for posting on this topic and you are absolutely correct. Free speach is clearly under assault in this country (and the West in general) and I do sincerely hope that this poor man takes Howard Stern's advice and sues the hell out of both of his former employers. At this rate, no one will be able to speak or write except in the blandest form conceivable in order to avoid potentially career- or wealth-threatening ramifications.


what do you mean "instructed to be offended by"? are you saying people are not truly offended, but only react because that's they are suppose to do?


JS - That's what I'm saying, more or less. There are times, like this story, where what the person does isn't objectively offensive. He blurred two words together on accident and apologized immediately.

Yet, he was still fired, because it sounded like a racial slur. No one's really offended by what he did. But, he was still fired from two jobs, because some people have it drilled into their heads that words, no matter what their context, cannot be said in public without consequence for the offense.

How else to explain what's happened here?


You are right, of course. A simple slip of the tongue that one apologizes for immediatly should not, in any circumstance, be a terminatable offense. It's not like he (as Howard would have) said it over and over again (remember the whole "don't say the word 'pussy' under ANY circumstances" thing that made it to his book/movie?)

My only question is, why didn't he use the "dump" button? All radio stations that broadcast on the public airwaves have them.


My guess is that he was thinking of the words "coup" and "boon," both of which would describe Condi Rice as NFL commissioner, and he transposed his syllables.

It's called a Spoonerism, and it happens to most of us on a regular basis. The man's mistake was in acknowledging his error. He should have glossed right over it and fought like hell.

It was embarrassing that the NAACP joined right in to pat the GM on the back for firing the guy. Had his politics been more "correct," I'm sure they wouldn't have batted an eyelash.

Then again, I'm sure "Hymietown" was just a Spoonerism too, which might explain why the NAACP sat that whole thing out.


The NAACP got in on this?

I didn't see that in my intial reading. Probably best that I didn't. That would've been a far longer, angrier post.

White liberals running around with Uncle Tom, Sambo, black-face, house nigger, etc.

And this is what the NAACP is speaking up about?

*growls ominously*


So when you guys hear the words "faggot" or "homo", you're reaction to those words does not stem from a true sense of being offended, but rather an "instructed" sense?


I can't speak for anyone else here, but I'm not automatically offended by faggot or homo. It always depends on the context.

just me

Context is the one missing piece in all of this.

The fact that he immediately recognized what came out, and apologized for it, makes me think the phrase was inadvertent and unintended. Also given that he was offering praise, I find it unlikely that he was mentally think of her with the racial slur.

I think an apology for the slip was in order, which he immediately offered, but firing is way over the top. I have to wonder how somebody gets fired for an obvious slip of the tongue, but Ward Churchill gets to keep his job for intentional offense.


Robbie: On Howard Stern, the guy said that the NAACP called to complain, and the GM told them that they had already fired him. So they didn't even have to ask the idiot to jump.



Not sure that free speech is under assault. If it was, no one could talk about this guy being fired. For the record: I do think his bosses over-reacted and hopefully he will get another gig. As for blaming this on the "pc" culture, I'm not sure.


Zack in ATX

If you don't think this was a slip of the tongue, the dude was PC enough to say African American, not black. Does this sound like someone who would use the word Coon? Just an observation.

North Dallas Thirty

Sheesh, no one was mad because the guy made an inadvertent racial slur; the NAACP was upset because someone called a person who they deem a "house nigger", "dummy", "puppet", "Oreo", "Sambo", and "Uncle Tom" to be in any way competent.

You can call a black person anything you want as long as a) they're a conservative and b) it's derogatory. Just like how you can call a gay person anything you want, including "filthy", as long as you're a) a Democrat and b) black.



I think you are making it all way too simple brother.


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