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March 08, 2006



Tyler's roommates act like they deserve an award for spending an hour or two at a gay bar, when they couldn't even stomach staying for the entire evening.

It's nice they have that luxury to be so comfortably hetero. Some of us grew up in states with a grand total of zero gay bars, so it's hard to muster sympathy.


I have this problem all the time, actually. My best friends are straight (I'm a year out of the closet), and when we get together it's the usual conflict in bar choices. I tell them on my birthday I get to choose, on theirs they do, and aside from that we take turns--a few hours at the gay bar, a lot more at the straight. And we had some wrinkles, but it was no big deal.
Much as I hate to join the parade of haters hating, I HATE when straight guys act like it is some huge problem to spend an hour at a gay bar but expect gay people to be perfectly happy being the token minority all night long at a straight bar.


It's nice to see one of those "after the drama" talks ACTUALLY result in someone changing or softening their stance. I'll bet the Real World producers are pissed! They want blood! :)


I have no problems with straight bars. In fact, I'd probably guess I spend more time in Irish places than clubs in Boystown.

That said, I loved the end of that segment. When you thought Tyler was going to be the show's stand-in for bitchy stereotypical queen, they showed the conversation where he reasoned the situation out, applied common sense, and saw the other side of the issue. Totally endearing.


I don't know. Some of you see the end of that scene as Tyler being endearing, rational, etc. He does seem like a decent guy (which isn't hard considering what freaks some of the others are). But that last bit, where he's thanking John for going, and apologizing for taking his leaving the wrong way didn't look good to me. To me, it looked like Tyler was a leper or some kind of misfit, and John was the straight guy king whose grace he was begging for. I felt embarrassed for Tyler, having to grovel like that.

Maybe I was thinking back to the scene where John screws up the dishwasher, and Tyler cleans it up instead of getting John to do it. I see them locked in a jock and his gay groveler relationship, which may have colored what I thought of the apology by the pool scene.

I just don't see the point of asking for acceptance/begging for approval from John, which is what it seemed to me Tyler was doing. John gets a lot of attention from everyone (it could be the editing). Meanwhile the other two straight guys seem so much cooler. The Jewish guy from Seattle had no hang ups whatsoever about going to a gay bar. Even after they left (at John's insistence), he wanted to go back. The Jewish guy seems so chill that he's appears to be one of those kind of straight guys who don't expect medals for hanging out with gay people (unlike John).

btw how lame was that bar? I guess it was off season, but man, I sure don't blame John for wanting to leave. What a sorry looking place.


Hrm, I see your point. But the editing was a little sketchy in the episode. Someone said John and the others were at the gay bar for about two hours. The editing makes it look like they stayed for 15 minutes.

I think Janelle made the best point on the subject though. If John had never been to a gay bar, and never really had the experience of being around a lot of gay men, two hours for a first time experience and getting up there to dance with the female impersonators is pretty decent, all things considered. He's obviously not as cool with it as Zach and Jose, but he did make the effort, which was a big step for him.

I think Tyler's gay-defensive mechanism went a little overboard, but Janelle kind of talked him down from it and made him see a little sense; that John may not be comfortable, but he did try. Which is a lot more than many straight, macho frat types are willing to do. And I think Tyler recognized that by the end of the episode. He got the chip off his shoulder and recognized that John wasn't intending to be a dick about it.

Agreed, Aqua looked sad. I think I would've left to go to a straight bar. That place was ghetto.

Not sure about the jock and gay groveler dynamic. Tyler doesn't strike me as the type for some reason.

One thing I wanted to mention that wasn't in the clip, was Tyler calling out Svetlana on her pop-psychological diagnosis of Paula. When they were all sitting at breakfast and Svetlana cuts in with her Dr. Phil shtick, Tyler chimes in with, "You have no idea what the hell you're talking about." Loved it.


"You have no idea what the hell you're talking about." I forgot about that. That was good.

Now that you've mentioned how John was there for two hours, I see it more clearly. Janelle's point is a good one. It probably was the dishwasher scene (and some projecting on my part) that colored my impression of the apology by the pool.

Yeah, I too would have preferred the straight bar to that gay ghetto hole.

I wish they'd give more time to the other two straight guys. That anorexic girl is so depressing. I wish there were a way to vote her out of the house. It would be great if they'd let viewers vote out the most annoying member. But I guess the annoying cast members keep the drama/talk of the show up.


Yeah, I think as the season goes on, the other guys will get more exposure. Paula's simply ready made drama. The very second she appeared, everyone in the audience went, "Here come the eating disorder PSAs."

Zach cracked me up with his, "I just wanna dance!" It reminded me of a stand-up bit by Dane Cook.

I can't imagine what Jose's issues would be, though. He seems so nice and laid back and totally cool with everything. Love him.


oh god...
tyler wants the other guy....it's obvious


i adore Tyler and prefer him over the others, hands down. that little anorexic girl didn't wait three seconds before she started licking the salt of her hot dog and hyperventilating. OH PLEASE.

as for the bar thing, i'm hetero but prefer gay bars. i have taken scores of straight men with me and although they were always a little timid at first, they were fine after a drink when they saw that HEY, it's just a bar and a new group of people. to me, that meathead John simply got anxious because he was having such a great time and made a hasty exit. it's all ego and insecurity and so stupid.

Tyler didn't need to apologize, in my opinion. he's going to be a spitfire this season, i can tell.

him and Slutlana = gold.


How badly do I want to see Tyler and Svetlana throw down?

Very, very, very.

His impression in the first episode was brilliant.


he was on the money. you won't have to wait long indeed; they seem to be slated for meltdown next week when Svetlana does not make project manager or team captain or whatever title equates to being the boss of everything.

she's sweet though. he does give her a hard time, with her bling and her Russian mink.

it makes me har.


Well, let's be honest. You can't release a flamboyant gay man in an art gallery and not expect to tap into his inner nazi.


why won't he pick on the anorexic? i want him to pick on the anorexic!


If history is any guide, probably because she'd disintegrate under the onslaught of a dirty look.


aren't you sick of her already, though?

i think i'm getting old. no tolerance whatsoever.


The second the issue came up, I was mindlessly bored. I was like "Oh god, have a breakthrough confession that someone molested you or some such, cry a lot, tell everyone you have to go home, leave for a week, come back on various mood altering drugs, and take up painting."

Worked for Melissa in New Orleans.


Eh, seems like much ado about nothing. They went for a couple of hours to a kind of place they've never been before. One of them even clowned around with some drag queens. After that they wanted to cruise women, which is understandable since they are young and hetero. I fail to see the problem. It's not like I stay for a long period of time when dragged off to a straight bar, especially a strip joint. Then again, I hate the bar scene period -- gay or straight -- so perhaps I'm not the best one to comment on this...

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