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March 19, 2006



Germans are the hottest guys in Europe. Without a doubt. And as an American whose lived in Europe since 97, travelling to most countries, I can safely trust my observation. If you think Kolner's are hot, you should go to Munich. Bavarian men are deadly.

J Indy

Nur ein Wort – glücklich. :)


I'm glad Germany is fast becoming recognized as the great country it is. I have family there and have been visiting since 1994. From the very first, I was blown away by the friendliness of everyone I encountered. The cities themselves were beautiful and well-maintained. If you go back you should take a short trip to some of the Hansa Stats (I'm sure I didn't spell that right) like Lubeck. Lubeck is a particualrly beautiful medieval town. Considering it was flattened in WW2 and rebuilt brick-by-brick, it is even more stunning. The WW2 memorial in the church of St Mary's (I think it was St Mary's) is particularly poignent. They left the shattered bells where they fell during a bombing raid at the base of the bell tower. It speaks very powerfully. It may be a little sleepier than Berlin or Cologne, but Hamburg is my all-time favorite German city (and European city for that matter). It's sort of like the San Francisco of Germany while Berlin is like their version of New York. It's definitely worth a trip.

Sean S

Amen to Gian's comment on Munich guys. I was there for the first time in January, and my head nearly exploded from the buffet of blond hotties. I also found the Germans in general (although especially the ones out in the gay clubs) to be very American-friendly. One guy told me there's nothing as sexy as German spoken with an American accent.

I think it's time I started planning a trip to some of the other major parts of Germany.


Sean: I got your email. The only thing that would have made that trip better would have been having someone to share it with! I tried to get the hubbie over there, then we realized his passport had expired.

In 2001. :-)

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