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March 01, 2006



Now I know why this is the Only blog in my favorites list.


I spent some time at the Intercontinental in Kigali. I remember the internet rates per hour: CRAZY :|

Queer Conservatives

I had sex solo, in pairs, in groups, with men and with women. With exes and with my husband. At one point I was walking naked down the street and I offered myself up to a passing pickup truck full of men, who were all too happy to oblige me.

Makes me think of Southern Decadence. Good times...


Lucky. Last time I was on atovaquone/proguanil, my dreams weren't sexual at all, just... well, more like a Dali painting than anything else.


Don't take those on an empty stomach either.

manhattan offender

Is the malaria medication shot into you or taken in pill form? If it's a shot, you could probably cook it on a cookie sheet and snort it.

So I hear.


In my haste to get this written and check out of the hotel, I forgot to make the obvious double entendre that was implied in the headline -- "African Queen." But the readers of this blog, except for the Claymates, are pretty smart.

It is indeed a pill, and I do take it on a full stomach. The only thing I've ever snorted in my life is Afrin, and I'm not a big fan of that, beyond the fact that it works quite well!


Was that before or after Madonna's hernia surgery?

North Dallas Thirty

In two words....oy vey!


Any idea where I can get some of those anti-malarial drugs in the states?


I got mine at Duane Reade in NYC, but if you use Malarone too long, it wrecks your eyes. Seriously.

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