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March 15, 2006



reader suggestion: leave cologne for berlin!

Queer Conservative

I like German men.




Dude... I just saw how much you were paying in rent. Ummm... don't worry about the stein. Just take a picture of one for me or something like that.

... Good God.



When I was in the Navy, I was on a ship that attended a Week long celebration know as Keil week in Keil, Germany. The theme was that they invite Naval ships from all the NATO countries.

On the base, they had beer tent where they served beer in those steins you're requesting from Mal. It cast the equivalent of eight US dollars, and you could keep the stein. I drank three of those steins myself, and three others at my table left theirs on the table, so I took those with me as well.

I walked (so to speak) back to the ship carrying three steins in each hand. When I arrived at the ship, the Officer of the Deck asked me what I had, and I told him. He then asked me how many, I told him six. He told me to look again. I had three steins in my right hand, and three handles in the left.


For dinner: Na Na's. Its around Rudolph platz. It's an eclectic little place with great food and an even greater atmosphere.

For a drink: The corner. A classic. Also walking distance from Rudolphplatz.

Sorry I don't have the exact addresses


Don't forget to go to Badehaus am Roemerturm, the best bathhouse in all of Europe IMHO. When I lived there, I usually hung out at Shampanja, a tiny little bar just off of Neumarkt. Also, there is a popular bar, can't remember the name just south of Rudolfplatz, on the otherside of that huge bank building. A few others in that area too.


I suggest you be a very GOOD boy.

Hubbie of The Malcontent


Heyyyy, you're not supposed to be reading here!

Mal, run! He's on to you!


Robbie -

Who's side are you on? Answer carefully.
I hate to think you are a bad influence!
HMMMMMMMM, maybe I should be monitoring this site a little more closely...



Your side, of course! *shifty eyes*

After all, I'm the restraining influence when your husband's half hallucinating on Lunesta. "Robbie, Robbie, I have a great idea!" Then I nod and smile a lot until he falls asleep. Much less mischief that way.

About those monthly checks, though. We're going to need a little re-huddle on that one. You're not paying me enough to manage him away from home =)


LOL -- Ich bin zurück Hotel gegangen, allein! :-)


Will: Don't make my most excellent and hot hubbie worry! I went to "Ex-Corner" and had fun. Die Kölner sind so freundlich wie ich gehört habe.

Aber, brauche ich nur ein Mann, der Christopher genannt!


Wahrscheinliche geschichte =)


Robbie - your check is in the mail.

Notice the time of this posting - 12:30am.
I am at home - on a BLOG site - not out, not even at the Toolbox, not even on Saturday night. You geeks,, uhhhh, I mean, you wonderful people are rubbing off on me!

Matt, I don't read German - so, you better translate immediately.

I know there are a million "Christophers" over there.
A dime-a-dozen.

Be good, have fun,,, and you know I can tell when you are lying!




I meant to say St. Patrick's Day - not Saturday night...
and yes, I'm sober.


Queer Conservative

Ich bin zurück Hotel gegangen, allein! = I went back to hotel!

Die Kölner sind so freundlich wie ich gehört habe. = The people of Cologne are just as friendly as everyone said.

Aber, brauche ich nur ein Mann, der Christopher genannt! = But Christopher is the only man for me!


QC: Don't forget the "allein" part -- that's crucial! :-)

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