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March 28, 2006



Oops, sorry: I should have said "the Garment District in New York City." My bad.


Looks.... posh. :)

Rob Byrnes

Another gay bar in Hell's Kitchen! How cutting-edge!

(Of course, that having been said, I'm sure I'll check it out, because my free time seems to be all about gay bars in Hell's Kitchen...)


I sent this around to all of my friends as well, Mal. I much prefer the gay vibe in midtown to the one in Chelsea. We should meet there for a cocktail sometime!


Absolutely. I have no beef to speak of with Chelsea, but compared to HK, it's definitely a fur piece from Yorkville!


Squeeze me? There are at least 3-4 places in Hell's Kitchen already. I thought you were more a Townhouse kind of guy anyway (TEASING).

Actually, if they could get the right clientelle in, the OW is really nice after their renovation a couple years back. Problem is they still get creepy patrons or the tweaking 20s set with their horrible evening entertainment. And they've GOT to get more personable bartenders and not these stuck-up "I can't believe I'm working in the upper East side" bubble heads.


I really enjoy the Townhouse and OW, and Pegasus, for that matter. It's just sometimes easier then going crosstown, but I would go there even if they weren't closer to me.

I'm sure I'll be long gone from NYC before Yorkville/UES gets any sort of cachet whatsoever. Until then, I'll always have my Toolbox.

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