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April 30, 2006



Hmm. Andy Samberg. You know, I was gonna watch this...


If you need further proof on Samberg's small penis, watch Computerman auditions on Channel 101. Poor guy.


he's still adorable...


aww...I wish I could have seen the Andy Samberg bit, I heard he has a nice body.

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Is this a comic tv gay?

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I'm gay too and what???

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I think everybody can read this site, it isn't just to gay people!!!! Open your mind!!!!!!!!

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That's so funny but is it a gay site???


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That's a really gay video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think that is a pretty ingenious and the best show of television.

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it's from Saturday Night Live???

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yep thats ambiguously funny

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ambiguosly funny.....

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that looks like gay.....but is funny!!
nice blog

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Ace and Gary are the most gay and funny couple of this show!!

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Yeah!!!!1 This cartoons are so brilliant!!!!

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I don't have to say about Saturday Night Live because is an incredible show.



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I dont think that is gay
Is fun I like it

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mmmmmm...it is gay...jajaja maybe you are gay and that is why you say is not gay....jajaja hey, be free man!!!

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