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April 05, 2006



I don't watch Idol, but that Kellie chick was rocking the Reba pretty hard. "I may've been born just plain white trash, but Fancy was my name!"

Mandisa looks like she swallowed whatever they lipo-sucked out of Star Jones.



I was going to post on this but you basically said what I was going to say. And within moments of the show's close. Damn.


Why have they made the bald guy look like a freak. Could they have plucked those eyebrows anymore?


What pleases me so much about last night's results is the fact that it isn't "the gays" that are responsible for her ejection. I don't know about you, but I don't vote. I suspect the majority of voters are minors. It's the voice of the "Children". You know, what the "Christians" are always acting in the name of?


Ah yes. American Idol illustrating yet another advancement of gay acceptance....

Queer Conservative

Ace is hot!


Ace sings flat!

Queer Conservative

He sings?


Yes, every Tuesday. Poorly I might add. If you'd get your hands out of your pants and bring your moans, groans, and screams down from an "11" to a "2", you might hear it next time.

Queer Conservative

Ms. Chad woke up on the bitchy side of the bed this morning. Sho' nuff.


Oddly enough, this is the best mood I've been in all week.

.... Wow, yeah. Definitely time to start seeing a shrink.


I'm willing to accept that Mandisa lost the gay vote and that's why she's gone. If you don't accept that theory you're left with a nation that has apparently gone completely deaf seeing as how Mandisa is gone and Bucky is still around.


Oh, Bucky will have hith day. They all will. Whoever winth thith one it will not be becauth they're thuper talented. Pleath Mary!

Queer Conservative

American Idol is NOT about talent at this point in the show (if it ever is.) It's like an election for class President in Highschool: just a popularity contest.


This nation has been tone deaf for the past 5 seasons. Mandisa isn't the first person who could actually sing to be booted off the show. But if it makes y'all feel better to think she's out because she lost "our community's" vote, then go right ahead.


As a former class president, I take umbrage. And I take Vicodin when I can get it.


She got voted out because she's a beast. At her growth rate, Simon's prediction that they'd need a bigger stage was about to come true. I mean, she must L-O-V-E love craft services, because I swear she's looking more and more like her God... you know, bigger.

Mandisa shoulda laid off the cheese danishes in the green room.

Queer Conservative

Don't worry Rod, like most former class Presidents, Vicodin is cool!


Malcontent squashed further discussion in "Where's Your Messiah Now?" as is his perogative.

It seemed a bit abrupt, and it could be argued that it was censorship; a censorship most unbecoming of a self-proclaimed libertarian, by the way, but why bother?


Using that razor sharp wit of yours, you suggested that my future posts be placed in Project Runway and American Idol threads (you left out Queerty.com references).

I'm going to take you up on it here.

I had one thing more to say on the other thread:


I'm sorry that you are prejudiced against Catholic Answers.

I can't help you on that one.

Why are all of you unwilling to look at Catholic sources? Doesn't it seem intellectually dishonest to dismiss anything someone has to say because they are Catholic or work for Catholic Answers?

If you must, look at it this way: You have to know your enemy. You can't refute your enemy if you only have a passing knowledge of their position.

That is why I will read the writings of people from NAMBLA. I know NAMBLA is nuts, but how can I refute them if I don't know what they're about?

The same goes for the Klu Klux Klan.

Or the Democrats. lol (Just kidding; sort of...)

Besides, I'm not going to spend hours rewriting things I can link that explain what I would say perfectly well. Why reinvent the wheel?

I also don't want to copy and paste the thoughts of other people and try to pass them off as my own. I could have done that, and was tempted to, because I knew there would be prejudices, but I figured that someone could catch on and then try to make me look like I steal ideas.

My links are links to writers with whom I agree (for the most part, I may have minor differences with what they say, or how they say it). I have read all the stuff I linked before. That's why I am able to find this stuff on the fly within the context of the conversation.

Intellectual agreement with an author and then sharing that author's writinggs with others doesn't constitute a crutch.

All of the writing, besides the Kinsey post, is my own. At least as far as I can remember.


I just realized the irony of the title of this thread when juxtaposed with the contentions of my post here (regarding censorship).

Funny stuff.


Mark says: "You have to know your enemy." Telling, that he came here to meet his enemy.


Oh, I dunno, Tommy. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that Kelly Pickler needs smiting.


Did anyone see her the interview with Mandisa on The Advocate.com? http://www.advocate.com/exclusive_detail_ektid29157.asp Here she says she would never perform at a gay benefit, among other gems like the following-

"Q: Is there a conflict between being religious and being gay?
A: I know my value system, based on that, that on the word [of the Bible], that it does speak of that. I do know I have no place to judge anybody. I know that at the end of time we all face the judge and his name is not going to be Mandisa, so I cannot place any judgment on anyone."

and the name of the American Idol ain't Mandisa either, fool!


Fucking bitch. Go eat another donut. No straight man will ever love you, and you just blew your chance with the queers.


Yes but do we really care if Mandisa hasn't the wherewithal to perform in a gay establishment?? And if the answer to that question is an actual yes... it shouldn't be... should it?

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