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April 19, 2006



I couldn't find Andorra on a map, but I do know it's one of a handful of locations where Catalan is spoken. About 95% of Catalan-speakers reside in/around the Catalunya region of Spain (Barcelona, Valencia). Also spoken in France near the border with Spain, and in L'Algeur, an island governed by Italy.

Interestingly enough, you'll be in Andorra during La diada de San Jordi. It's a major holiday in Catalunya, not sure about Andorra though- it's sort of like Valentine's Day.

Since it's a co-oficial language everywhere it's spoken, it's not necessary to know a word of it, but a decent English-Catalan dictionary is available here:


Is there a prize? I think its in the Pyrannes(sp?) between France and Spain.

Joe M.

Remember, Fargo was shot in Brainerd. So if your family lives in or near Brainerd thats where the resemblance may come from.


Andorra is right up there with San Marino, Monaco and the Vatican City in the category of tiny countries of Europe.


Is Paul Bunyan Land still there in Brainerd? I always loved that large man.


Andorra is one of the European micro-nations. It is landlocked, completely surrounded by France and Spain in the heart of the Pyrenees. It is co-ruled by the President of France and a Spanish bishop. It is the only country to have Catalan as an official language. French and Castillian Spanish are also spoken and understood.


Is there an Airport?


In Barthelona.

North Dallas Thirty

I actually do read the "Heads Up"....but the live webcam pointed at yours (or Robbie's) crotch could be interesting.

Queer Conservative

Actually, Andorra is becoming quite modern and quite the tourist destination. They're even tossing around the idea of hosting the winter olympics! But how the hell do you get there?


My guess is, a plane does just fine.


i think it's part of spain now isn't it?


I vote for the crotch shot.


wikipedia, baby....wikipedia....

Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest)

Having been to Lietchtenstein, I've always wanted to go to Andorra. You're so lucky. Tell me about the Andorran men. . .

Queen Conservative

Yeah - both of them :-)


You were probably joking about the webcam thing, right? 'Cause that would naturally be my first choice....

joe M.

I am in Fargo myself so I couldn't tell anyone what Brainerd is like. Prolly like Andorra, inbetween two larger more important places (Andorra is between France & Spain, Brainerd is halfway between Fargo and Duluth MN). BTW we don't say "You betcha" up here.


Where is Andorra? From the CIA World Factbook (more information than you'll ever need):


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