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April 13, 2006


Queer Conservative



Omg...I thought I was the only one who noticed that they gave veneers to almost every contestant!!! I wish you could do a comparison of before/after for all of them.

Hmm...I don't know if he qualifies as Adorkable. By the way, how short is he? He stood next to Ryan Seacrest, who looked to be a full foot above him.


I like 'em short. And you all best steer clear of my ex.


Too bad they're no longer casting for hobbits.


His teeth still look horrible, though. Not that mine are much better.

Queer Conservative

Yeah, I don't get the whole Elliott thing, unless you're just trying to get close enough to swipe the Ring.

el polacko

maybe my standards for physical beauty aren't as high as some others here (ahem),'cause i think elliot's more than adorkable but maybe i'm just seeing his good heart. both he and i got all weepy over kellie's gramps and hill-boy brother getting choked up over her success ... but then i'm always a sucker for that kind of 'love of the simple folk' shit.
..suprising elliott with the fact that he had to sing was a little unfair since then the other two had the advantage of being forewarned, but he pulled it off amazingly well. now come over here and give your uncle a nice big hug, ya sweet little sap !


His teeth were a major problem for me. They were unavoidable given his mouth was open through his performances. I often just looked away.

But now I think he's average guy cute (which is a very good thing). Very datable.


Last night was the first episode of American Idol I saw and I thought there was something cute about Elliot. I didn't want to admit it at first, but since Robbie took the plunge I thought I'd join.


amazing what a little product will do for a bad haircut, i agree that he has moved up the hotness scale.

i also thought he gave the best performance of the evening (with the thoughest song), it was the first time this season that anyone really wowed me.

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