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April 24, 2006



Now this looks like a good 1st Amendment case. (Of course you would need allot more facts.)


I don't know if you saw it but this reminded me of the funny NYT article yesterday about the student run and supported, Vita Excolatur ("life enriched") at the University of Chicago ("where fun goes to die"), a "frontal nudity" magaizine. Here were the editorial ideas:

"a Vita idea session blended the academic and the erotic. Someone proposed a film noir theme with the detective and the girl on the office table.

Mr. Kelly, the freshman model, offered "Robert Mapplethorpe meets International Male." "Just something really gay," he said. "A lot of bodies, not a lot of faces. Really hot, too."

Ms. Bernstein, the photographer, suggested "the sexuality of redheads," inspired by late-19th-century Victorian Britain. "Something in Jackson Park, before the leaves come up," she said. "Redheads — pale, almost sickly. Almost dead, but I swear it will be sexy."


hey, don't rip on anything named Cuntfest! that's awesome, i'm sorry.

but the rest of that shite is pathetic. what are we, Europeans?

demand free speech in academia now!


Aatom, Its Penn State, not academia.;-)


oh, snap!

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