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April 17, 2006



Oh my god . . . way to capture that cyborg look.


Katie already had the baby a while ago. Chris Klein is the father. She's now wearing a prosthesis to make it look like she's still pregnant. She will give "birth" to Tom's baby shortly...

Queer Conservative

You know Patrick, I totally have no problem believing that. In fact, it's more believeable than Tom actually impregnating her.


Yeah Robbie, she does throw softballs. But, she got the interview. I particularly love the statement on how Katie's Catholic parents are happy that the kid will not be baptized. Right. Puhleez! The faith has its beliefs, and baptism is one of biggies to them.

Did you notice how his tone got softer and the forehead vein got fatter as the lies got bigger?

North Dallas Thirty

Like I said before....Katie Holmes getting pregnant is karma's way of administering one hell of a bitch-slap.

I can hear it already...."I told her to take her vitamins, but she picked up the butcher knife......Can you sew it back without leaving a scar?"


Man - I'd hate to have to sell my soul to sell a movie...

Craig Ranapia

Ugh... 'Rosemary's Baby' is coming off the bedside table right now.


I've never understood the thrall that (some) gay men have regarding Cruise.

That said, regarding K_Ho's baby, has anyone offered any speculation as to who the sperm donor was? ;-)


Wow! For a pretty decent actor, I think he was forgetting his "method" for this interview.

Craig Ranapia

Xenu, Raj. I watch South Park and realise Satan might fuck a porcupine or Saddam Hussein, but Katie Holmes is just going too far... :)

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