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April 18, 2006





That Sid Davis logotype is gay. FLAMING.

Patrick Rothwell

Any chance that Peter Labarbera will create an updated version of this cautionary tale complete with undercover footage from Gay Pride parades of Gays Gone Wild?


Gotta admit: the public restroom bit is pretty much on the mark.


This is one of the most disgusting videos I have ever seen. The part that is most striking is that heterosexual pedophiles are OK, at least according to this sick piece. This ranks at the level of "The Killer Weed" video about marijuana. It is so off the mark is laughable. It also shows how far we have come to overcome some of the preconceived ideas society had. What is painful is that at 67 y.o I lived thru this situations. You young guys have it easy. Gay life today is like a walk in the park in comparison. By the way, Mal, thank you for the video, I received it today.

Patrick Rothwell


Where does the video say that "heterosexual pedophilia" is ok? Chances are, the 60s health class was split into boys and girls, and the girls were shown a movie about the dangers of smooth talking men leaving them penniless, friendless, and pregnant. Maybe they even had one about the dangers of reciprocity-seeking mommas who, if you are good to them, they will be good to you.

And, to be pedantic, the subject of the video was not pedophilia, but homosexual pederasty. Even though the video wrongly proposes that gay men as a whole are threats to adolescents, it is nonetheless the case that a man who has sex with 15-16 year olds is gay, not a pedophile.


i'm tired of seeing the photo of creepy guy hitting on the young dude, everytime i check this site. I LOVE MALCONTENT, but it's so depressing to see that horrible photo of the guy hitting on the kid. it's such a bad image for gays...esp. since pedophiles are studied to be typically heterosextual. please add something new to see when u open this site.

LOVE THIS SITE? U GUYS ON VACATION OR WHAT? Thank you, though for everything u do.



Not a vacation, actually, but I need one. I have been a a trip since Thursday for my paying job, and when I'm at the office, work is still hell on wheels. But I do my best.

You don't think I was actually endorsing pedophilia, though, do you?


i don't think u were endorsing pedophilia. i think the photo is disturbing, and i often turn to your site to uplift me. i certainly see the humor. just looking forward to future postings. i'm always excited to see what's new on your site, and 'creepy dude' has been there for so long, now.

you are the best. thanks for all your hard work. u have the best site, hands-down, ever.



Very disturbing yet interesting. They had great screen directors back then, that 10 minute clip must have taken days to create and just to bash ALL homosexuals. So I guess I'm mental ill because I'm a homosexual. I thought all that NYC pollution air would have caused it. The whole setting was very cute and looked very elegant of how times used to be. Now they would have gangs and drive bys in a modern day clip and they just tell you, "dont have sex or you'll die!" At least they put effort into warning kids back then, even if it was for stupid sh!t. Love the site, keep up the great work.

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