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April 11, 2006



WOW!!! That's rich! I wonder if he gets into the party lives of Hamilton, Burr, or the biggest Rock Star of the day, Ben Franklin? Though Franklin has the rep for being a hussy, both H and B probably out boinked him. And Burr used to write letters to his daughter, Theodosia, bragging about his liaisons with Miss *whosits* or La *insert female's name or initial here*. Those guys were players!

Queer Conservative

Mal - just ask Robbie about all the times I've had to point out stuff to him over here that he hadn't read ...


I saw the sketch and I found it banal and begging the laugh by making asenine jokes about gays. It reminded me of the 1970's stupid skits in colleges. The ones that were made by the same guys that were so drunk the night before and can't remember why their assholes hurt the day after. Like Willy Nelson says in his latest song about gay cowboys, the ones that crow the loudest about their heterosexual prowesses are the queer ones. Believe me Matt you didn't miss very much.

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