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April 17, 2006



Wow - Mal to turn Howard around like that? I did not think he liked anybody. Robbie, should just apologize to her, right now.


LOL, I didn't say anything bad about her!

I just said the documentary was carefully crafted propaganda. But it was good propoganda for a good cause. Ain't nothin wrong with that.


Yah . . uh, huh . . .


Tommy, you're cranky today. Somethin you wanna tell us, guy?


Yes, Robbie, You're so cute . . . get rid of that Podsnik guy.;)

el polacko

i'm glad howard enjoyed the show. for all the fag jokes, he's always been very gay-supportive...which is more than can be said for rosie. she went from super-closeted tom cruise-lovin' str8 chick to "single" adoptive supermom to SUPERGAY adoptive supermom and self-appointed spokesperson for ALL things gay who stormed into frisco to steal the spotlight and be married.
it's 'nice' that she spends some of her money doing 'nice' things for 'nice' people, but the docu was a cloying, preachy ad for her 'rosie tours' venture. if she had spent more time reading instead of composing insipid 'poetry' for her website, she would have know that gay folks are not welcome in the carribean and avoided putting the kiddies in the position of being yelled at and threatened by the crazies down there. she needs to give the whole 'professional lesbian' thing a rest.. how can i miss her if she won't go away ??


Wow. Do you even listen to Howard?

Don't flatter yourself: He's been very complimentary of Rosie over the past year. He was even the first person in the media to mention her blog, and that he reads it, in March 2005.

He's been saying many supportive things about her in the past year -- he even wanted her on his first day of his Sirius show.


John: He said he wanted her on his first day on his Sirius show because it was intended to be a roast of Howard. He wanted to bring on all the people that he thinks genuinely hate him, like Rosie, Kathie Lee, etc. etc. And he read her blog to totally goof on it -- its simplistic poems, its narcissism, and so forth. So his turnabout on her is more recent.

Do you honestly think I'm trying to flatter myself? It's called "mock self-importance." Every blog worth its salt does it.

And for the record, yes, I listen to Howard every day: Roughly two hours a day when he was on "testicle" radio, almost every day for about 12 years, and with my S50, I catch probably about 75 to 80 percent of every one of his shows.


How is the film propaganda? I watched it and it seemed rather passive. It's airing a pay cable channel. And won't most people who actually watch a documentary about Rosie's gay cruise be her fans, gay people, and their friends? It's not like they're playing the film in high schools or churches, or that the film is part of some sort of campaign. You make it sound like it's part of some plan, and I didn't get that.

Matt Cox

Rosie and Galpal are not married.

Matt Cox

Mass. can bar marriage for nonresident gay couples
By Jonathan Saltzman,
Boston Globe Staff
March 31, 2006

SJC rules that home state's laws prevail

The state's highest court ruled yesterday that Governor Mitt Romney and Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly had the authority to use a 1913 state law to block out-of-state gay couples from marrying here after same-sex marriage became legal in 2004.


They got married in San Francisco during that short period when the Mayor decided the law was what he said it was. Actually, he's still saying that, but others with more authority than he intervened.

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