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April 21, 2006



1918 - Baron Mansfred von Richthofen, the notorious World War I German flying ace known as the "Red Baron," was killed in action today.

It is in dispute whether he was shot down by American fighter pilots or Australian forces on the ground.

O/T: The Malcontent is the first entry in my blogroll.


I thought he was shot down by Snoopy?

Congrats on your blog start-up (I am sure there is a term for that but, whatever) good luck.


That is my blogroll. Had to fix the URL in my username. OOPS!!


Thanks, Tommy. I'm still working on some of the finer details, but I have a few posts and one snide comment calling me a cold-hearted, loud-mouth right-wing asshole. Wouldn't be a blog w/o that, now would it?


It most certainly would not.


Blews, who was it? Studiotodd? :-)

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