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April 25, 2006



By happy coincidence, today is also Free Cone Day your local Ben & Jerry's.


I really enjoy these gay day postings. The info is really extensive. Does it take you forever to research them? or am I being overly impressed by Wikipedia? ;-)


LOL. Thanks.

I gather the information from about five or six different sources that I use on a regular basis, so all the information is out there, but it is only presented quite that way here.

It takes me 15-20 minutes to do a typical "gay day" post, and I try to be about a week or so ahead at all times. As a sign of how busy I am right now, if I don't get moving, tomorrow's is the last one that is "in the can." (And I would have lost several days if I hadn't made a major push before I left on my business trip Saturday.)


Today is my birthday, as well. I turn 23.


Aww. Duly noted.


Say, isn't Robbie's birthday sometime soon?

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