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April 23, 2006



Hehehe- My first dorm room, I was in a room with my own bathroom set up similarly- I was in that room from July til May, and I always wondered why they didn't think to install just the teensiest speed-bump like barrier, just enough to keep the water back, but not difficult for a wheelchair to roll over.


Or a slight slope outside the shower to a drain.

No worries Mal. We bloggets care, too.


Hey, who U callin' a blogget?

Ohhh, to have been a fly on the wall......

Safe keepings Mal.

Daniel Gonzales

Virtually every bathroom I used in south and southeast Asia was designed as one "wet" room exactly like yours. Perhaps the hotel owner was confused and thought he was thousands of miles away.


Spaniards don't shower that much.


It looks like the toilet had Darth Vader teeth.


Many years ago... we're talking mid-80s... my brother, a fresh high school graduate, was touring Europe. In Paris he got a hotel room at a cheap rate and was surprised to find a toilet included in the room. Budget travel usually meant a shared toilet. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth he took full advantage of the facilities. After a rather - shall we say copius - dump he turned to flush. Imagine his surprise when he realised that it was in fact only a bidet and not - as he had supposed - a midget toilet for small French people. Now imagine the suprise of passerby's later that evening who were treated to a shit shower as he flung the offending material from his room window. The legend of the Awful Canadian was born.

North Dallas Thirty

There is one distinct possibility.

We Americans are used to the concept of showers as continuous flows of water.

In Europe, it has been my finding that, due to a much higher consciousness for conservation of water and the energy required to heat it, they tend to shower sailor-style -- meaning you get wet, turn the shower off to lather up, then back on to rinse.

Hence, they may never have expected someone to have the water on in there long enough for it to flood the world.


You're spot on there, North Dallas Thirty. Showers are quick affairs in Europe.

At least this wasn't one of the odd showers where you have to straddle the toilet while you're showering. I've only had the pleasure at a hostel in Holland, but heard there are more in Europe in that style.


Two things this reminds me of:

First, US Airways used to hand out one-way transatlantic upgrades to first class for preferred members. After using one to fly to London, I utilized the first-class arrival lounge to take a shower and change prior to a meeting. It had the same shower, and completely soaked the contents of my luggage, so I went into London wearing soggy britches. The woman running the lounge did upgrade my flight back to First Class and gave me a free round-trip first class fare for the trip into the city from Gatwick.

Second (reading the comment above), I was at the Hotel 1929 in Singapore this November. The shower/toilet were both unitarily in a small glass cube (with no shower curtains) in the middle of the room. It was supposed to be avant-gaurde, but gave the cleaning lady a free show from all four-sides when she opened the door while I was sudsing up.


But how's the chili?

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