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April 19, 2006


Queer Conservative

THAT'S IT! Gordon Gecko. I was trying to put my finger on what that "look" Ace was sporting reminded me of. Thanks.

The only one I genuinely want to see get tossed, tossed, TOSSED is Taylor Hicks - and his idiot-savant talent for imitating soul singers.

I. Loathe. Him. I've loathed him and his "twitching" and "wooh-ing," since the auditions.


I forget precisely what it was, but Rod Stewart said some funny shit last night.

And the bald guy's rendition of "Wonderful World" was by far the best performance of the night. Elliott wasn't even close.


Katharine wasn't as great as the judges made her out to be. She started out weakly, even hitting a clunker of a note in the first line of the song, so sour it made me cringe. Go Elliot!


P.S. Dialidol.com has Ace getting the boot tonight. They have a pretty good track record for predicting who goes...


Chris, I mean.


Well, Kellie sings better than he does, but not by much -- and she SLAUGHTERED her song last night.

But maybe there is a God after all.


I will say this about Pickler - at least she knew she threw up on the microphone. Ace (with the slim exception of last night) is consistantly on the shit-end of every note he sings and manages to be absolutely perplexed every time he ends up in the bottom three.

I'm not a fan of either, but I'd still rather see Ace go before Kellie. At least her stupidity makes her somewhat entertaining.


I agree with your picks to win. Persoanlly, I hope Katherine McPhee wins.
I'm surprised you didn't comment on the young gal. I can't recall her name at the moment & she's not my favorite by any mean, but I thought she did a spectacular job with her somg.
Daughtry is pretty darned good, though.

I'd f*ck ol' Ace Young (as long as he didn't say anything). Afraid I'd have to rapidly leave any room Yamin, Hicks or Pickler are in..although she's grown on me a little with her country gal dodo act.


I'm afraid I don't see a break out leader this year. Yawn! The season will be known as "Who won in Season 5?" or, we just won't care. I think that Paris killed on her song, but certainly would agree with Simon regarding her speaking voice. Shh!! Less talking and more singhing.

el polacko

the twitches and woos have got to go... but probably won't. they praised taylor for "making the song his own" at the end, but he was doing aretha's ending .. poorly.
i like ace with the hair away from his face, but cut off the ponytail.. i thought it was a bun at first.. haha.. but the song choice was actually perfect for him so he was more okay than usual.
katherine did a better job with her song in the rehearsal, but she still comes off as totally beauty pagent to me.
paris .. eh.. grow up and then we'll talk.
elliot, as rod said, has 'the pipes' and i thought he was impishly cute but they dissed him for 'lack of personality' anyway so i'm afraid the handwriting is on the wall.
and what can you say about kellie ? if each performance counts, as they are wont to say, then she deserves to be on a mule back to the ozarks..pronto !
what struck me overall is that songs become 'standards' for a reason : they are GOOD songs, unlike the usual contemporary dreck these kids warble.


Why no love for Taylor? I don't get it. He could sing to me anytime. (As a caveat, he seems to be really popular with 50+ female crowd. Maybe I need a sex/age change)


Ace always reminded me of those foppish little twinks who always thought they were the sexiest guys in the room.

What really pissed me off is that they usually were, so I'm of course intellectually honest enough to admit I was thrilled to see his "Guy from Creed"-looking ass booted back to East Jesus, new Mexico, or where the hell he's from.


Eric in Hollywood


Katherine will definately be the winner......she is absolutely gorgeous, and can flat out sing! Powerful in many ways....


She can also sing out flat!


I was very glad to see "pretty boy" Ace Young go. It was long overdue! Another one that needs to go is the Pickler chick...she just flat out gets on my nerves!!!!! Time to go back to the chicken farm in the deep back woods. Paris can go too. Elliot is good, when he puts his mind to it, he can really sing. Chris, Katherine & Taylor are my all time favorites. Taylor can sing is ass off! I'm not one for Rock music, but Chris can sing to me any day!!!

Queer Conservative

Taylor Hicks...

pthuh ptuh! yuck.


taylor hicks has more stage talent and personality than the rest of the yoo hoo's put together (except chris mmmmmmmm!) i'll be happy when mcphee goes, i've checked my speakers on my tv, they seem to be working right she just sucks!!!!


i love kellie pickler.. she does have talent.. maybe its because ive never heard the song she sang before but i thought she did pretty well.. i think she's wicked cute and i dont think she is pretending to be ditzy either. Obviously america agrees with me.. miss pickler has never been in the bottom three.. i honestly believe she will go all the way. Maybe not win it. But definitly final three.


What is wrong with Taylor Hicks, i think he is awesome... and he's not that old... i mean the age limit for american idol is 28 so therefore, he can't be older than that... actually he's 29 but he was 28 when he tried out. I WANT EITHER TAYLOR OR KELLIE TO WIN!


Mal, can you broaden your banning policy to include Pickler fans? These people just can't be reasoned with....


American Idol is a joke to even have kellie on, she is just there to look at not to hear sing.


Are you guys watching the same show I am Kellie SUCKS she should have went home wednesday Everytime she's ready to perform I turn the channel!!! She is HORRIBLE!!!! Go Elliott!!!!

Queer Conservative

Taylor Hicks...

pthuh ptuh! yuck.

Tourette's Syndrome isn't a personality trait.

And if he's 29 then Joan Rivers has never been under the surgeon's knife...

Idol needs to get a forgery expert to give Hick's birth certificate a good going over...


Maybe Mary Mapes could head up that investigation. She's great with that sort of thing.

Queer Conservative

Chad, don't tell me you're throwing over Chrissy to root for Twitchy?

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