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April 12, 2006


Queer Conservative

Stop talking bad about Ace!


It hit me about a week or so ago that Elliott very much reminds me of my ex. I was kinda' freaked out at first, but not so much anywmore. Not sure about the goatee thing though, but then I'm not sure about Chris's full-on beard and Maybeline combo.

Not that Ace's get-up was any better. I feel he's much better suited for employment with the Ringling Brothers. Maybe as the Painted-On-Beareded Lady.

Queer Conservative

My favorite description of Chris: "pre-fab rocker."

Also, I swear I saw Gollum lurking around backstage while Elliot was singing...looking for his preciousssss...


What's with the new font for the entry headings? Go back to the old style!

Queer Conservative

Yeah - I gotta give this new theme a thumbs down...It's distracting...


It's Calvin and Hobbes. I like it.

Queer Conservative

Maybe it's just the red...anything more soothing on the palette Mal?


I'm just talking the entry headings, the font/graphic for Mal and Robbie is a-okay with me. The purple take on Times New Roman is boring.


Everyone's a critic.

I plan on switching things up a little more often, though.


I haven't really been following Idol this year, but is Ace not liked or something because his performance sounded fine to me. I thought the rest of the performances shown in the clips shown were dreadful.


I'm not a fan of the red color so much either, but the fonts are adorable. but it's not my site, so I would never presume to tell you how to design it.

Queer Conservative

Welcome to my world CMH. In my opinion everyone (and by everyone I mean Chad) is just jealous of Ace.


Jealous of what exactly? Ok... the guy has nice arms. But the Flo-Bee haircut? Nope. The fake stubble? Uh-uh. The singing out of tune? Nah... The constant pandering to the audience with his "look-at-me-I'm-so-unbelievably-sexy-I-sometimes-make-myself-vomit" stare that he does at the end of every. single. performance?

I could do without that too.


whatever, he can give me that cheesy stare anytime he wants. pretty cute for a white boy.

but if breaks into a falsetto, i am out of there.

Queer Conservative

I could live without the falsetto.

I can also live without Chris' pseudo beard.


After carefully reviewing the video, I've discovered why I thought Elliott was cute last night:

They've fixed his teeth.


el polacko

hey ! thanks for the site makeover..it's fun. but where is the beloved fish that i helped name ? i kinda feel like i've lost my gay adoption rights.

as for idol, all the boys are sexy in their own way. ace, handsome as he is, has zero personality ..plus he can't sing. (the band should have let him do the song his way though instead of insisting on only providing the karaoke version) .. bucky has grown on me, shy elliott is huggable, and chris can wear eye-liner if he wants because that man is just damned sexy and i want to have all kinds of dirty sex with him.. plus he can sing.. sure it's always the same, but it's GOOD same.

el polacko

.. oops, guess i forgot taylor who is the exception to the sexy rule. he's a jackass escapee from a bad drunken karaoke night.
p.s.. kellie was cute in an early tanya tucker kinda way, paris was annoying as usual, and katharine's shrill beauty pageant-style made both my eyes and ears hurt.


Oh, I'm sure we'll bring Bubbles back somehow.


yeah, the fish is key. bubbles rules.

Queer Conservative

Hey! We want bubbles.


Three straight women in my office didn't even notice the eyeliner(on the guys). I was beginning to doubt my own gay eyes. Thanks for being my tenuous tether to truth.


Bubbles is in rehab. Say a little prayer.


Do any of you ever vote? I was so bothered that Elliott was in the bottom 3 after he gave one of the better performances on Queen night. I know that most people like Ace because they think he's so hot (he's OK I guess), but I hope Elliott can get enough votes to stay around a while longer.


who cares about eyeliners! rockstars wear eyeliners since the begining of time!

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