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April 26, 2006



Only if you include pictures of yourself, like the rest of us.


Myspace is Dante's 8th Circle of Hell:

Panders and Seducers

and so on.

Queer Conservative

Watch out for the perverts Mal - they'll be enticing you to meet them at the Mall...


Well, I'll be your friend, but a couple of face shots wouldn't hurt. If you're as half as hot as your blog, I'll be impressed.


What, you doubt that I am a dour-looking cartoon goldfish?


I am 23.6 percent as hot. Is that close enough?


I recently found myspace (following a link from this site!) and was "shocked" that children are allowed on there. I also realized that I had become my parents.

Tommy - Athens Greece


Do we really have two different Tommy's commenting on this blog from two different cities called "Athens"?


No. There is a GA one but the Greece was made up on the spur of the moment when we discovered each other a few weeks ago and he said he was from Athens.


I'm sure you could find the discussion if you really want too.

Mr. Links

If you want to get really nerdy with your myspace page, this might help. It's for designing an aesthetically pleasing site.


Let's see a pic of Robbie!


MySpace?! Puhleeze!!!

Just to be brutally honest, Mal, I find Typepad a little on the lame side, too. Go for the real thing, brother, upload Movable Type to your own domain (I know you have one), then blog on your own.


Blewsdawg - All that geekdom - sooooo sexy.

Tommy - Athens Greece


Blews: Two problems. I'm lazy and stupid.


That's Movable Type.

Jeez! Typos!

Now who's lame?


Once more, with feeling.

Movable Type

This link works, I previewed and tested it this time.

What a dork!!

el polacko

OMG ! it warms my heart to see bubbles again !! but he doesn't seem to be breathing ....??!
as for myspace, i don't get it. why do you need a lame personal page when you already have this far superior site? maybe i'm just getting old


Mal, we're friends. It's official. I know because MySpace tells me so.

Queer Conservative

People love me this I know
For my MySpace tells me so...

Rev. Jack Malebranche

Jamie -

Now I realize why I've been on MySpace for so long...

I should feel right at home.

When I first say MySpace, I thought it was for 14 year old girls. And it is. But it's also an incredible marketing tool. I can't tell you how many paintings I've sold via MySpace. And the person who urged me to sign up is, without a doubt, the most well-read person I know.


Queer Conservative


Rev. Jack Malebranche

I got promoted. ;)

Rev. Jack Malebranche

If you were my MySpace friend, you'd like totally know that already. All of the cool kids are doing it...

Queer Conservative

Cool! Can you forgive sins now? I've got a list - let me go get it...

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