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April 19, 2006



good riddance. anyone that can make me miss ari fleischer sucks pretty damn hard. is it really that hard to find someone slick and media-savvy enough to say a bunch of nothing and make it sound good? honestly, McClellan actually made me dislike Bush a bit more than I already did. Some mouthpiece.

and I actually think Snow would be pretty good at the job.


I liked Ari. Always had a feeling that, under the suit, he was in pretty good shape.


Of course, Ari got his higher education up here in Vermont, so he's bound to be a bit more intelligent than the rest.

Just sayin'. lol


i think scott mclellan is hot. terribly hot. this democrat is gonna miss him!


Speaking of, did I hear that that Dan Senor guy recently got married to a woman?!?

Also, they would be crazy to bring Tony Snow in house when he is such a good shill on the outside.


Dan Senor got married to NBC's Campbell Brown.


There was this guy at the U.N. I heard might be up for it, but there was a buzz at the WH that Karen Hughes has a rule that no Administration press person's cock can be bigger than hers, so he was nixed...


McClellan gained a lot of weight while he was the lyer-in-chief. Apparently, that position can do quite a bit of damage to one's health.


McClellan gained a lot of weight while he was the lyer-in-chief.

Is that the guy who makes the soap?

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