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April 17, 2006


Queer Conservative

I agree with you Mal, whole-heartedly. Now I'm just going to bow reverentially, and back slowly out of the thread...on my knees...still bowing...


The Malcontent has accepted your tribute, and it is pleasing to Him. :-)

Queer Conservative

Actually, I think it was because you're an asshole.


*Claps enthusiastically*

I didn't add anything to that thread, because I was busy installing Movable Type on my web server in order to re-establish my own soon to be blog.

The name I've given the blog is inpired by those who throw around accusations of racism, bigotry, et. al at the drop of a hat. Usually, the fallback term they use when none of the others can reasonably be applied is 'insensitive'. Thus the name: Random Acts of Insensitivity.

Congratulations, Studiotodd and so many others like you.


QC's comment is now an orphan because I deleted one purportedly from studiotodd right above it. So I just added a second IP address with the same name to the shitlist.


I think it can be summed up in one phrase: don't make it personal. I might disagree with you on a lot of things, mal (and robbie), but I certainly don't associate you guys with flaming crosses and goofy robes (goofy haircuts, maybe, but...)

The catch is that there's no clear cut line. While people should be careful to avoid the personal animosity of people like studiotodd, moderators (and fellow commenters) need to have a thick skin. There will be some harmless barbs here and there. There will be things said that others find personally offensive. Clamp down on these 'infractions' too hard and you wind up stifling the free interchange of ideas that makes the blogosphere so interesting. What's difficult is determining the intent of the poster. Studiotodd had one debateably valid point - which he completely blew out of proportion by repeating ad nauseum and ad hominem. His personal attacks (which were clearly meant as such) made the open debate on immigration policy impossible. So his aufing was understandable. The fact that he's your first non-spambot exile is part of the reason why I respect your blog even while I might disagree with it 90% of the time.

I suppose this whole thing caught my eye because I recently suffered the same fate over @ boozhy's blog. I made an off-handed remark about how I preferred the guest blogger's postings to boozhy's own. Not out of any personal animosity towards dear old Juan, but just because I found the other guy's postings a little less blah (moonbat, maybe... but definitely not blah). I'm not used to this treatment, so it's made me think a little.

There's a happy medium somewhere between boozhy's policy and a completely unrestricted forum... here's hoping you've found it, Mal.

Queer Conservative

Yes! I was not, repeat NOT calling Mal an asshole!


And here I was thinking things were getting interesting again... damn ;)

Queer Conservative

Are you kidding? The man has photoshop!


Thanks, Dan. You know we disagree more often than we agree, but I really do value having as free an exchange as possible.

To be honest, while I prefer that people not make it "personal," I sometimes transgress myself, which is why I try to have as wide a berth as possible. So I don't think I can even offer that as a guideline, although I like that people here instinctively keep things at least somewhat high-minded.

I will not make a habit of this. But even after I warned him, studiotodd chose to "back off" his charge of racism by talking about how "mean" Robbie is -- which couldn't be more 180 from the truth -- and followed that up with another blast at me. Others on other days could probably say similar things and get away with it, but I was just not in the mood for it, and I really do turn my cheek often enough as it is.

Studiotodd told me via email that he "will probably view this incident as substantive proof that the 'leftists' for which you seem to have such disdain are right when they accuse conservatives of being close-minded ideologues with no interest in anything which challenges their preselected agendas." If that's the worst he can come up with, then it just goes to show how truly delusional he is.

Especially that bit implying that I'm "conservative." Get this through your skulls, people: I'm libertarian.


Dan - "Aufing" sounds German and a little sexual. Ad hominum attacks are bread and butter - one just must strive to be intelligent, creative, and/or funny. Although, because of that, QC will need a pass.


I highly doubt we'll be banning regularly, and we're pretty lax about letting people say what they will. We've never removed posts except for spam, double postings, or (very rarely) at an author's request.

Mal and I have taken a lot of crap over time - some of it earned, much of it not - and I think both of us have grown a little tired of the free reign assholes think they have in our comment threads.

It's definitely not an ideological thing, and there aren't any commenters I can think of off-hand who have anything to worry about. It's just a notice - if someone decides they really want to press us on a personal level, outside of debate, we can be sufficiently provoked to do something about it.


Aufing should sound german... it's a little tribute to one of my favorite guilty pleasures.


libertarianism is the new bisexuality, Mal. rejected by both sides, but usually assumed to be cozy with the 'wrong' side.

it's because we're the only people with actual political principles anymore, to the point where we'll actually (gasp!) vote for the person we think is most qualified regardless of their party affiliation. it's too much for the cliqueish behemoths to stomach. Imagine, actually thinking for one's self on political matters in this country. It's a fucking outrage.

if life were a blog, we would be banned from commenting. but when blogs became such a ubiquitous and powerful publishing tool, we discovered just how many feisty, intelligent libertarians there were (and so many GAY ones, who knew?) the voiceless party now has a voice. and if we don't all get nuked in the next 10 years, you might start seeing some real paradigm shifts along political lines because of it.


Aatom, come down off the cross . . .


everyone likes to get nailed good and proper now and again, Tommy.

(is too close to Easter for that one?)


Happy Easter Monday - I am told that this is only a holiday in, of all places, Massachussets


I hear ya cluckin', Mal. I hate to ban a commenter, but I have done it before. Your 'my blog, my rules' is my exact sentiment. I write about personal stuff and if you attack me about that, you ARE attacking me personally. So, I don't need that. I always say if I want that kind of criticism I can go visit family. I don't need it on my own blog.



libertarianism is the new bisexuality, Mal. rejected by both sides, but usually assumed to be cozy with the 'wrong' side.

Funny, seeing as how I'm bi. But as least I have chosen sides and mostly stay tight-lipped about my, umm, "other tendencies."

Charlie: LOL.


Personally Mal, I think it's best to keep the crazies around 'cause 9 times outta' 10, they fight your fight for you.

That said, studiotodd was a bit of a douche and I can't say I disagree with your decision.


Thanks for getting rid of those that are consistently idiotic and mean. Your readership thanks you for saving them from total and complete crap. I love an opinion, and please debate at will, but leave the crap broadstroke insults at home. Power to you, Mal. You saved me from scrolling too fast.


Right on, my man!. Debate is one thing, hate talk is another. Play by the rules of the blog or f**k off. I'm with you and like me I sure thousands.


Awww...dear M is not an asshole.

If anything, he's more of a dick.. ;)


Well, you haven't banned ME yet, and I can be a bit on the left at times, so I'd hardly call you any kind of ideologue. =)

I read that guys comments, and I have to say I'd have banned him a lot faster than you did.

Now if I could only get the image of QC on his knees out of my head. lol

Queer Conservative

You should be so lucky, Jamie, you should be so lucky...

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