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April 15, 2006



That's genuinely frightening.

And the bit about her kid backing away in fear while she rants. Nice job, moonbat. Way to scar him for life.

Queer Conservative

I've tangled with her once or twice on my blog. Any yeah, she's a loopy as she seems. When your child is afraid of you, you need therapy.

North Dallas Thirty

Two words: self-immolation.


OMG, methinks you may just have introduced me to my symbiotic twin! Maryscott O'Connor, I fell ya honey!

The right was never this angry

The left has never given nearly the amount of reasons, as has the right, for you wrong-wing-nuts to be as angry as is the left at present.



She's so enlightened and nuanced. I wanna be her friend.


Wow, looks like she's gonna give Cindy Sheehan a run for her money. The actual process is called displacement& projection. Malevolent, sociopath, putrescent - sounds about right, honey!

In the early 90s, Camille Paglia was one of the first to comment on this phenomenon on college campuses, where she was stunned by the rage of campus feminazis, who reacted to any challenge of their beliefs as if their very identity were threatened.


OMFG - "riddled with empathy"!


wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley. or a cocktail party.

but let's be fair, kids, there are some pretty extreme wackadoos on right-wing talk radio as well. being crazy is an equal opportunity condition.


Perhaps, but even when Commander Hummer was in the White House, they were never legally allowed to shriek: "WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!"

In the past couple of years, the Left has perfected the art of unhingery.

Patrick Rothwell

That photograph is so priceless. The photographer ought to be given a raise just for that.

Queer Conservative



It's like Team Dresch does politics.


Was there some law against "wake the fuck up"?


And I thought Liberals (Democrats) were supposed to be "compassionate" and "accepting"???!!! As I have said before, liberals are just miserable people who thrive on negativity.


Hey. That looks just like my uber-liberal sister-in-law. Really!

Queer Conservative

I don't see how she even gets out of bed in the morning. It's one thing to disagree with the President and policies/politics but jeezus - get therapy honey.


Let's not forget she also posts at Daily Kos, alongside Democratic luminaries John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, & Jimmy Carter


Mal and QC - in your delusional worlds, how much more of this gross negligence & malfeasance are the more enlightened ones among us supposed to absorb before screeching is warranted? Hell, big dogs within the Republican party themselves
are even breaking their beloved Reagan's 11th commandment due to the across the board incompetence of their dreadful own.


I think the busdriver from South Park was based on her. Except for the bird in the hair.

Louis: In my book, "screeching" is never a good tack, politically speaking. Every time I get pissed off at something the President does, I'll see some nitwit like her or walk by "Camp Casey NYC" in Union Square, and suddenly I'm a little more sympathetic to the guy.

Conservatives may be feckless these days, but the alternative is a straitjacket.


Jeezus--take a look at your own comments, people!

Where do you get off criticizing this woman (who, like it or not, is only trying to make a difference in what she sees as an indifferent world) as "crazy" and "unhinged" and "loopy"? And doing it by using the sort of rhetoric that you are denigrating her for using?

How about you all discuss how hypocritical this entire comment thread has become instead?


Studiotodd: Read the article. We have nothing on her. (And if you read this blog, you'll note that we try to keep the tone just a few ticks above hers, even if you choose to disagree with us.)

And I guarantee you, a picture like that will never be taken of me, even if you bust into my room with a camera and wake me up from a deep sleep.


Mal: Take another look. No one is talking here about the issues she's raised. They are simply hurling insults at this person. How is that "a few ticks above" anything except schoolyard bullying?


Dr Sanity comments: "It is rare to have such a perfect example of severe and malignant narcissism written up in such detail outside the medical literature. I think the article speaks for itself. It is almost impossible to read what some of the people quoted in it have to say without being completely stunned by the self-absorbed, self-deluded rage expressed at the world for daring to be different from what it ought to be."


Note also that if a John McCain or Bill Frist posted on a right-wing blog of such hate-filled venom, the MSM would crucify them. But this hypocrisy works to conservatives' advantage, because the Kos Kidz have the DNC jumping around like trained seals to kiss their asses, which is part of the reason Dems have no chance of regaining power any time soon


studiotodd, tell me what it's like to lead such a loving and pristine exisitence. please?

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