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April 17, 2006



Robbie, there's no secret to gardening. All it takes is some fertilizer, water, sun, and a little bit o luv.


How tweet!


How tweet!

Yum Yum

So purrty.

Queer Conservative

Patrick - tell that to all the houseplants I've sent to live with Jesus.

North Dallas Thirty

My next step: elaborate squirrel traps.

My suggestion: 8 x 10 glossies.

Two cautions:

1) Keep them turned AWAY from the flowers (and preferably towards open space where the paint on cars won't blister.

2) They work on humans, too, so make sure to wear a welder's helmet when installing. Save some for PETA, Cindy Sheehan Fan Club members, and the occasional wandering door-to-door evangelist.


They are Tulips!

It takes EFFORT to kill tulips in a warmish environment. All you have to do to NOT grow tulips, is salt the ground, dig up the dirt, and deny them water.

Tulips are a cake walk.

But, congrats on the pretty flowers, kinda. . . . a stereotype, that you grew pinks.


Wait, they are white and red?

You need to work on your focus.

and don't worry about the stereotype.

Craig Ranapia

I'm of the malign neglect school myself - great bloody banks of lavendar (with enough room for the cat to crap), and when they get scrubby I say it's the 'English cottage garden' look.


Pinto, there ar yellows in there too, ya know.


Pinto.... First you come out as a soccer player. Then you start shelling out gardening tips.

Again... we're here if you want to talk. :)


I killed a cactus once. true story. i have a black thumb.




I've grown vegetables before, but for some reason I always massacre flowers. So I started simple. Perhaps this success will give me the confidence to be more adventurous this year. Who knows where it could lead!

I also planted a few trees, redbuds, pears, etc. However, I've never actually killed a tree, so I'm less worried on their account.

I planted two bunches of tulips - the white ones pictured are around a lampost, and that second group actually consists of reds and yellows in an old fountain I filled with dirt. Maybe I'll grab another pic when they're in full bloom.

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