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April 15, 2006


Jack Malebranche

You're really making all of us gays look bad with your overt and offensive blasphemy, Robbie.

Straight people: ignore this post. Most gays love the Old Testament. What's not to love? We love you and want you to love us too. Kumbaya.

North Dallas Thirty

Pshaw, you call THIS blasphemy?

Jack Malebranche

It is disrespectful, NDT. Playing a drinking game associated with the sacred 10 commandments shows a lack of respect and a willingness of gay people to mock God's will and religious people, by association.

It will not ingratiate us with them, and is not the image we want to project. Gays are deeply spiritual people who hold Christianity in very high regard.

North Dallas Thirty

I hate to break this to you, Jack, but The Ten Commandments is NOT one of the official portions of the liturgy of the Church.

Now, if you find the Congregation of the First Charlton Heston, Apostle, THEY may have a different opinion.....

Jack Malebranche

NDT, your irreverance is shocking and sad.

Picking nits on the subject of biblical truth reeks of just the sort of gay atheism we must avoid.

Heston's heartfelt portrayal of Moses has moved the hearts of millions of Christians. Making fun of it is hurtful to them, surely.

I'm not entirely certain, but making fun of this film may actually be anti-Semitic as well, Herr Thirty.


Hey, its a movie for goodness sakes. Have fun at will! And Jews and Christians can have a sense of humor.

North Dallas Thirty

LOL....don't worry, Michelle. Jack and I, we more or less understand each other. =)

Jack Malebranche

Herr Malebranche was just being snarky.

Fear not, Michelle. That wasn't a serious conversation.



lol. a rather hearty, real, laugh out loud. he is risen, and we are one. kumbaya.


There's a joke about a pillar of fire here somewhere, I know it.

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