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April 07, 2006



"POTP" virgin no mo... Thank you!


You've been noticeably silent, along with most right-of-center blogs, about the newest revelations on Bush's magic insta-declassification act. I assume Robbie's cooking up something good as we speak?


Well, at least someone is noticing.

I think this comment by Robbie pretty well sums up how I also feel about criticism we get for overlooking this, that or the other.

That said, I'll be quite honest and tell you that my exposure to news in the past few days has been almost nonexistent. The fact that I have been able to blog at all belies the fact that this has been one of the most hectic and stressful in my life ever, both personally and professionally. (Plus, whatever I caught in Germany or shortly after has been hanging on and mutating, so I'm physically very subpar right now.)


Heh, it's OK. I know you probably thought I was being obnoxious, but it was meant (mainly) in jest. The whole situation is mind-boggling, but at this point I've lost the ability to be shocked.

Get better soon, mal...


According to Matt Drudge, you probably have Bird Flu.


Thanks, Dan. I've been contemplating a megapost about Republicans and George Bush for quite a while, but I'm frankly just a little too politically weary and demoralized to do it. I probably still will at some point, though.

Patrick: LOL. That's what I tell my husband every time he sneezes. He hates it when I do that.


Thanks. I'll be in NYC after the 20th. of April. I hope this show is going on. I love to see it. Again thank you for keeping us alerted to this great and unique shows.

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