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April 03, 2006



NEWSFLASH!!!! Dear, the current administration is chock full of such, "Tom-fooleries". And at the very least a COUPLE MORE of 'em need to step down and head on back home to Texas, as they have disgraced us Texans enough.


Hey man.

The guy who was muddled in a lobbying scandal will most likely stay in the beltway (VA) and probably become a lobbyist.

North Dallas Thirty

Amen, Mal.


He is heading to Virginia not Texas. The only way his name can come off the ballot is to die or leave the distict. So it is off to VA to become a wealthy consultant and lobbyist.

I love how he blames liberal Democrats for his downfall. Going out like the rat he is.

Yum Yum

Hang down your head Tom, DeLay,
Hang down your head and cry,
Hang down your head Tom, DeLay,
Poor boy, say good bye.

(I changed it up a bit.)


Oh thank god for the Malcontent's geographical misinformation!!! For if its one thing we don't need another of in the Lone Star state, its one more wanton stooge from the GOP coming home to roost.

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